I Am Sick Of Mindless Conservatives

I have been wasting a lot of my time lately engaging in political discourse with a person billing himself as a conservative here on Liming’s Links.  Today I fixed it so that any comment he tries to make on this blog will be sent automatically to the trash.  Why did I do this?  I did this because (A) You can never win an argument with these folks, (B) You can never reason with these folks, (C) Their thinking process is immoveable and locked in on every subject you try to discuss with  them, (D) They are steeped in some of the most atrocious conspiracy theories ever heard of … things that horror movies could be made from …(E) They are arrogant, self-assured, brimming with all kinds of useless bullshit and always seem to have a plan to fix everything that is wrong with America but are never willing to reveal any of the details of those mysterious plans … basically because their “Plans” are nothing but a set of talking points and they have never worked any of the details out.  But they want to bullshit people and make them think they have the plan that will save America.

In reality, all their plans are designed to “Save America” alright — they are designed to save America for the rich and the super-rich … Their plan is to save America to enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense of all the rest of us.

Listen to some of their shit:

The former guy …. Mr. “I have the ability to declassify secret government documents using nothing but the power of my mind” … actually never lost the last election and some guy with a pillow factory has all the evidence needed to prove it and it will all be revealed to the world some sweet day ….probably after the government is finished with all their investigations of the former guy’s business dealings and whether or not he had some part in the insurrection that took place at the U.S. Capital on the famous date of January 6th.

Even though the idea that the former guy did not lose the last election is believed by a really scary amount of people who have been brainwashed by the radical right element of the Republican party … that radical faction that is on the very edge of assuming total control of the Republican party .. the crazies … the dangerous crazies who might someday control every action of our government… It is a frightful but very possible prospect.

These idiots are fully convinced that the coronavirus that has killed more than a million of us never ever existed, that the vaccines produced to keep people out of hospitals and graves from the pandemic will kill you themselves, (Even though millions of us have taken these medicines with no ill effects at all in most cases) — The idiots believe that everybody who ever took the coronavirus vaccines are destined to die because of the vaccine …but so far their prognostications in that department have never materialized … and never will … according to the best scientific minds.

The crazy right-wing believes that Russian, Vlad Putin is the ideal of what political leadership should look like,  they even had Viktor Orban, a dictator, as one of their featured speakers at their big CPAC meeting …applauding him, giving him standing ovations …pissing their pants in euphoric admiration of a handful of dictators in countries where there are no citizen rights hardly at all …That’s what these assholes want to bring to America … and there are more than 70 million of them out there, ready to spring … ready to revolt ….a lot of them advocate using violence to advance their political ambitions …

I am done with them.  I am sorry to admit that some of my relatives are members of this crowd ….and I am having nothing to do with them either.

We are going into some potentially dark waters, my friends.  It is going to take a big move by that God in which we say we trust to get us out of this mess.





What Is The Point?

I read a fellow blogger this morning who has another blog other than the one he ordinarily posts on … a more or less political debate blog as I understand it ….and he mentions that the point of that other blog is to generate heated debate on issues and to learn the opinions of other people.  Read More Here

After I read about that other blog, I got to thinking, “That is what my own blog is supposed to do but for some reason, it doesn’t so much.

Another thought that came to mind this morning is, “Surely the ordinary everyday average Republican must know that the radical Republicans (The ones who most often get elected to offices) are dead set on getting rid of social security and medicare yet they go ahead and vote them into office anyway.  That seems like a little bit of a death wish to me.  How can people be that damned ignorant?  Were they born that way or is it something they picked up somewhere along the way?

Privy Serendipitous Cogitations

(JOHN):   I put my name up here because if anybody actually reads this post, I want them to be sure that they know, beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt, who it is that writes such superiorly interesting stuff as is about to follow in this overly-mundane and easily ignorable product of eccentric genius.

My friend over at “Beetley Pete” wrote a really engaging post recently asking the question about whether or not the art of blogging has reached its peak.  I, myself, have often wondered if the heyday of blogging has passed and if it is even relevant anymore.  Of course, since I am still blogging, some people might consider that to be a hypocritical question.  But that would be alright with me because I am sometimes hypocritical about a lot of things … sometimes accidentally and sometimes on purpose.  When I am hypocritical on purpose it is always almost entirely because I love to stir up controversy and confrontation because it gives me a thrill to irritate some people …Republicans especially!

I don’t know for sure if blogging is dead or dying but I would doubt it because there are already 600 million of the damned things on the Internet right now … even as I write this … and more are being born with each passing day …. so that must say something about it, wouldn’t you think?  I do know that is getting harder and harder to get people to comment on things that are written on blogs ….things that sometimes take hours to formulate and to type and to publish.  I know it must be discouraging for somebody to spend a couple of hours writing something they believe is important and that might have a wide appeal to readers and then to have only one or two people come onto the blog and leave some cryptic kind of acknowledging comment such as “Interesting.”

But maybe I should not complain at all because there are, indeed, millions of blogs and maybe some amateur blogger should feel tingles in his or her groin area if one person out of millions does take the time to even notice their blog.  I know I have physical and mental sensations of intense pleasure and satisfaction when anyone at all acknowledges my writing….  I have never ejaculated over the experience yet however … that would be a bridge too far as far as I am concerned …I am not that visceral yet. LOL.

I could not help but notice, this morning, as I was listening to the news on the radio, that Vladismear Poontang is sending soldiers door to door in some of the Ukrainian territories forcing citizens to vote for the reunification of their homelands with Mother Russia.  I mean those hunky unwashed Ruskie soldiers are carrying guns and I hear that they love to use them …so I am thinking to myself that whoever gets a visit from the soldiers and the person collecting the votes to rejoin Russia are going to be most willing to put their mark on the “Yes” block of whatever kind of ballot they are going to use.

Another thought occurred to me in regard to this new Russian voting scheme too…. I wonder if it would be possible for people who do not wish to vote for their homeland to rejoin Russia to bribe the soldiers — you know — offer them sex or something. They are something like animals after all, aren’t they and since they are far away from home in a hostile situation, wouldn’t it be common sense to offer them a roll in the hay to entice them to allow a voter to slide on the issue at hand?

As I watch this attempt to coerce Ukrainians to vote to rejoin their homeland with Mother Russia by force of arms, the thought came to me that if the American Q-Anon-Loving MAGA crazies get control of The United States government — something that is a real possibility in these divided days — the new regime in Washington might try the exact same kind of tactics with American voters in  upcoming elections …. provided that there will be any such things as elections after the radical right takes over …I am thinking that a new Trump-Like government might dispense with the inconvenience of elections altogether. We will have to wait and see how that one works out, won’t we?

I meant to say that if the former president can declassify documents with his mind  alone, then maybe he can win the 2024 elections without the need for voting and all the stuff that goes along with it.  Maybe he can just focus the powers of his mind and go straight to the Oval Office without any Input from The American People at all.  Or maybe he can just ascend back into Heaven and run the whole government from up there.

It is really possible, as I have heard, that people are being healed of all kinds of illnesses now just by praying to the former Guy?

I am going to try that one out for myself …. I am going to pray and ask for another million dollars.  If it works, I will let you know.  If it doesn’t work then I will cringe in the dark corners of my mansion in shame and will never mention it again.




More Wisdom From John

I do not know the reason why so many people are on the airwaves, on the internet, in the print media, and everywhere else complaining about politics and world affairs all the time.

I know those conversations are interesting but I find that most of them do nothing but add stress to people who are already over-burdened with plenty of other stresses.  I guess some people who produce all this kind of stuff need to sense a little self-superiority or something.  I do know that none of us ordinary pee-ons are ever going to do or say anything that is going to change the course of history so it all seems a little futile to me.

The good news is that all the assholes who are determined to make life miserable for everybody else — yes, I am speaking of the magat crowd here … the Q-assnons and all their crazy followers … the Trumpists … all of them are eventually going to pass from the scene …Lord I hope how soon …. and their voices will be heard no more and all that will be left of them will be the dung heap of damage to our way of living that they have left behind … but they will, in fact, be gone in due time and will not be able to harm anyone or anything ever again.

So everyone — myself included — should just cool it a little bit about all the sensationalist news that is traveling the airwaves and the print media these days because no matter which side of the political aisle it all comes from, it comes from someone who is going to make a shit load of money from puking it out and I guarantee you that none of it has you or me in mind before it hits the presses or the airwaves.

Despite what I just wrote here … on this extremely knowledgeable political opinion blog …a blog whose wisdom can never be challenged because it derives from Inspiration on High ….despite all my disdain for political mish mashing, I am going to continue to do it because I get a perverse satisfaction from stirring shit up and informing some people and offending the pants off others.

You want some honesty this morning?  There, you have it!  I am an eccentric, colorful, arrogant, self-important POS (Did you right wing idiots hear what I just said?) and I know it but I also know that some people find me entertaining and if that is true then I have met the smell test for being socially beneficial to one degree to another.

God, I love me!

… and you too!

..whoever and wherever you are!

Adventitious Flukyness

Everyone should know that if you have not been good Santa Claus will leave you a lump of coal for Christmas instead of cookies and candy.  That is the traditional tale.  So if that is true, then why was the freezing little Russian boy in Siberia so filled with joy when he got his lump of coal?  Can you tell me that?

Junior and Howard are at the dog pound looking
for a hunting dog for Howard.
Junior points at one cage and says, “Howard,
look at that dog with one eye!”
Howard covers one of his eyes and says,

I am about to suggest something that will save the average American a whole lot of money over a working lifetime.

Here is my suggestion:

It has been reported that America is now trending toward smaller families.

Since that is the case now, my suggestion is that the ideal family from now on will be one man married to one woman and a dog (Or cat) as tastes go. No kids to suck up the usual Two Hundred Thousand dollars it takes to raise one these days.

A few years ago when my wife of 33 years (Now deceased) was asked by a friend, “What is the most bizarre gift your husband ever gave you?” my dearly beloved scratched her chin, thought for a moment and replied, “Himself.”

Question:  “How much legal protection should journalists have?”
Answer:  “It all depends on how sexually active the journalists are.”

Question: “What would you do if you were to win a million dollars?”
Answer:  “I would add it to my other millions of dollars in a respectable account under the control of a well-reputed Certified Financial Planner.”

To hell with world peace … I want a puppy!

If you want to increase the level of your consciousness then you need to stop reading and writing about things that destroy brain cells.  Smoking marijuana destroys brain cells.  Paying attention to the conspiracy theories of the radical Republicans not only destroys brain cells but it can make a person impotent too over a period of time.  This explains the ineptness of most Republicans who are either in the office or who are candidates for office.  Right-wing radicals are incapable of original thought.  All they can do is parrot what their own kind have told them.

I was totally offended by the suggestion that my younger brother was a homosexual until I calmed down a little bit and remembered that I do not have a brother.

I was fertilizing my field of strawberries … the field next door to the mental institution …when an inmate at the nuthouse who had been leaning on a fence called out to me and asked, “What are you doing?”

I told the inmate, “I am putting horse manure on my strawberries.”

The inmate replied, “We put whipped cream on ours.”

The spa attendant applied the cleaning mask to the customer’s ass and all those who were standing around observing the procedure gave a sigh of relief … in perfect unison.

Being serious for a minute now, I am going to the eye doctor again tomorrow to have my vision tested and to see if my glaucoma is still under control.


Is Armageddon On The Way ?

Russia’s Putin (Poontang) has called for a partial mobilization of his citizenry now in order to obtain the services of 300-thousand of his reserve military forces …. and these forces will be thrown, badly (Insufficiently) armed onto the front lines of the Ukrainian “Special Military Operation” with the deadly, cold-assed Russian winter right on the horizon.

In my view, this is a reverse of the situation where Hitler tried to send his armies into Russia and had a tragedy of a problem getting his troops supplied and they virtually froze to death in the failed effort.

Poontang has been having problems getting his troops supplied too and I guess he is either unaware or unconcerned about continuing supply issues connected to adding 300 thousand additional pieces of cannon fodder to the Ukrainian Battlefront.

All the while, Putin is ranting and raving about the Ukrain conflict being a war to save the Russian People from some imagined horror that the West is about to unleash on them and is, once again, rattling his nuclear saber.

The West, in the meantime, is sending even more weapons to the assistance of the Ukrainian fighters desperately trying to reclaim their own country from Russian enslavement and tyranny.

In the meantime, I have but one vision in my head about the eventual outcome of all this posturing and destruction …. I wish Washington would wake the hell up before it is too late.

I removed a trailer of a movie named THE DAY AFTER on youtube because they made one other video that I had posted about Trump making a speech “Private” and locked it out of my blog.

So just Google the following:  THE DAY AFTER MOVIE TRAILER if you want to see what I deleted here.


Things I’ve Never Thunk Before

Free photos of Goldfish

I thought I could help my pet goldfish get into better physical shape by buying him a little bicycle but, for some odd reason, it never worked out.  I spent the money on the bike, but the poor little thing could never learn to ride it.  But he did begin to sing perfect operatic auras until the day he held a high “C” note too long and drowned himself.

Kind of reminds me of the time I was visiting a girl’s gym class outdoors.  It was a hot day in August and everyone was sweating profusely.

The coach handed one of the girls a brand new kind of sunscreen lotion to try.  She put the lotion all over her exposed skin hoping for some protection from the Sun’s intense rays. But in a few minutes, after the girl had applied the lotion, her skin began to turn dark red and to smoke.  The girl screamed as the skin where she had applied the lotion turned black and began to peel.  She screamed even louder when her skin burst into flame and within a very few minutes, she was nothing but a pile of smoking ashes.

Do I need to tell you that nobody else in that gym class tried the new lotion for themselves?

I went to a special showing of paintings at a local gallery one Wednesday afternoon.

One of the paintings on display in the gallery was of several monkeys, all of them waving long bamboo sticks in the air.

The title of the picture was, “Radical Republicans Waving Sticks In The Air Because That Is All They Know How To Do.”

One day, not too long ago, I tried an experiment.  I coated my entire body with vegetable oil,  It was so slick that I could barely stand on my feet or hang onto anything with my hands.

I sat right down and wrote a letter to Donald Trump in which I said, “Dear Mr. Trump, try coating yourself with vegetable oil.  If you do, I am sure you will discover, as I have, that you can squeeze out of most anything.”

I though that I should try my hand at writing a poem.  So here we go:

“I have no trouble blowing my nose,
But I never could whistle through my toes.”


Put The Blame Where It Belongs! — Filosofa’s Word


This morning I saw a tweet from none other than the shameful Texas Senator Ted Cruz in which, without facts or justification, he blamed President Biden and Democrats for rising prices and inflation. I take umbrage with his laying of the blame on the very people who are trying to combat high prices and inflation. […]

Put The Blame Where It Belongs! — Filosofa’s Word

Will The American System Of Law Survive?

As I watch the unfolding of the legal mess that is brewing around former president Trump and the allegations that he has mishandled certain classified documents, only a few words keep pounding at my brain … ” Distraction, deception, delay, diversion.”

Doesn’t anyone believe that it is way past time for the law to apply to the former guy?