What If Women Go On Strike?

The Supreme Court has now messed with women’s’ rights in a big way by overturning Rowe Vs Wade. I do not think women in America are going to take this sitting down. What if women go on strike? Right now there isn’t much action on the activist front as I can see…. but what is the following days and weeks going to bring?

What happens if the Women of America organize and unite and stage a general strike? Are there enough women in The United States to accomplish something like this and to make it an effective method of showing their displeasure with what the SCOTUS has done?

I would be the last person on earth to question the power of women once they set their minds to do something. Isn’t woman power the reason that women have the right to vote? Didn’t the National Organization of Women play a decisive role in advancing women’s’ rights?

I am not saying here that I have ever supported the idea of abortion. I have not! But I do support Womens’ rights and I fear that this action by the SCOTUS will have effects on other rights that go far beyond the question of abortion rights. I think the spinoff from this judicial decision can have catastrophic spin-off effects on many other rights taken for granted by The American People.

I am talking here of the right to use birth control. Will tubal ligations and vasectomies suddenly be criminalized?

What about same sex marriage and inter-racial marriage?

I have heard that one of the SCOTUS justices who defended abortion rights in his confirmation hearing but who voted to overturn Rowe vs Wade assured somebody that no other rights were in the sights of the SCOTUS to be “Reconsidered.” I hear that this statement was made just before Justice Thomas let it be known that there would, indeed, be other rights looked at for “Reconsideration.” Can any of the Trump-appointed SCOTUS judges be believed if they issue assurances that the Rowe vs Wade decision is the end of the matter so far as other taken-for-granted rights are concerned?

Will this trend eventually lead into areas such as voting rights and affirmative action?

Will it lead to a rewriting of the entire United States Bill of Rights?

Will it lead to autocratic rule of the entire nation?

What if women go on strike? Can it turn the tide? Is America now on a precarious course and if so, can it be reversed in time to save democracy?

3 thoughts on “What If Women Go On Strike?

  1. The simple counter-argument is that if men could get pregnant, including the male judges of the Supreme Court, this would never have been given a mention, let alone overturned.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I can’t wait until they attack inter-racial marriage so I can see how Thomas gets out of it.

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