Will A Gnat Drown In Snot?

When a pesky little gnat finally finds the courage to fly up someone’s nose, does the gnat drown because of his folly or is he killed when his victim sticks their finger up their nose in an effort to dislodge him? This is one of Life’s perplexing little questions and I am not aware of what Science has to say about it.

Wisdom For Today:
There are some situations that life throws at us where the only things we can do to get any immediate sense of relief is to do one or more of the following things: (1) Pick our nose, (2) Scratch our ass, (3) Stick a finger in our ear or (4) take a gigantic deep breath and let one humongous fart!

Rights Have To Be Old To Be Valid!
That is what the present-day SCOTUS seems to be saying today. If it was a right back in the 1700s, then alright.. no problem. But if it was a right after that then .. whoa — this has to be examined and possibly (Probably overturned.)

You absolutely have to read this article that I found. It will either stun you or twist your twinkie:
Remember to come back here once you have read that article please.

All Those Damned Ships!

China keeps right on building up its navy with a lot of new ships with drastically improved military capabilities and some people are saying that the Chinese navy will outstrip that of The United States if The U.S., is not damned careful.

In this age of worsening relations between China and the United States I do not believe we should be sitting on our asses and letting them outstrip us either in military might nor firepower. I think we need to be building our own Naval capabilities too because I think that sooner or later we are going to get drawn into some kind of shit war with the Chinese and we need to be prepared.

Is Affirmative Action A SCOTUS Target Too?

I read something somewhere that opined that Affirmative Action law was on the agenda to be attacked by the heavily right wing dominated Supreme Court … the same court that just took away Womens’ rights to abortions … I am still unsettled as to where I stand on that one … I have always said that “Casual” abortions were a form of murder … but what bothers me most about this ruling by the radical right wing judges on the bench is that this ruling will affect a lot of other “Rights” that people have taken for granted for a long time.

One of those targets is bound to be “Affirmative Action” if you want my opinion. I kind of hope the court would overturn Affirmative Action because I have never thought it was fair at all for someone barely qualified to fill an employment opening to be hired for a job just because of their ethnicity. In my lifetime I have had dealings with some “Affirmative Action” beneficiaries who looked good in their expensive suits, carrying their shiny new leather briefcases … but who were obviously overly bureaucratic and arrogant because they got their jobs through affirmative action that very obviously again disqualified God only knows how many other applicants who may have well had vastly more education or experience than the idiots that got the job.

I have always viewed affirmative action as nothing more or less than reverse discrimination, and I think it is high time for it to get shit canned.

But then, who am I to be talking about this stuff? This is the kind of thing that we need to leave up to our elected officials to sort out for us.

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  1. I’m thinking that marriage equality is the next thing for the GOP….is not China doing what we do? It is all a big damn game to the M-IC. chuq

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