How Will Abortion Issue Play In Elections?

People are starting to think about whether or not the recent actions to overturn Rowe vs Wade will have anything to do with the upcoming midterm elections.

I would like to remind voters that Trump got his “Trump Court” in place and I no longer consider it as The Supreme Court of The United States (Though that is technically what it still is)… I consider it “The Trump Court,” which, in all reality, I believe it really is!
Since that is the case, I don’t believe that elections are going to count for shit in fighting this thing.

Besides that, The Trumpster also managed to get himself a bevy of some Three Hundred other judges in lower courts to overturn anything that displeases him and his cronies and worshippers.

So if the American People are looking to the elections to gain any relief from the egregious take away of rights by the higher court, then they are pissing in the wind because their case is already lost before it ever begins.

3 thoughts on “How Will Abortion Issue Play In Elections?

    • If it were possible for the democrats to win the house, the senate and the oval office in 2024, Congress could effect actions to rein in the runaway supreme court.

  1. I am sure that it will make it into the discussion and the debate….but the trends in the eelectorate will make it a moot point. chuq

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