Here Comes Monkey Pox

I thought the covid pandemic had given us enough to worry about after killing more than a million of us and now the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is warning us about the rising cases of Monkey Pox now invading The United States. So far it is reported that there are just a little more than Two Hundred cases of this new disease in the U.S., but you know from experience how these things can spread!

Following is what the CDC is saying about Monkey Pox—PREVENTION.

It seems that the easiest way to catch this thing is by close contact with someone who is infected. This is through sex and kissing and touching according to what I have been reading about it. I heard that it can be spread by infected animals too. But do not hold me to that.

Someone else told me recently that they had read that ordinary vaccinations designed to combat smallpox is effective in fighting Monkey Pox. I do know that some medical experts have said that there is an effective vaccine against it.

I guess some people in high places are baffled about how the monkey pox suddenly decided to start spreading. Right now, I hear that there are less than 400 known cases the world over but it has attracted the attention of the CDC and they are reported to be gearing up their efforts to combat the menace … which I think is a good thing.

Monkey Pox is said to start with flu-like symptoms just like covid and the ordinary influenza that we are all so familiar with by now so the CDC is telling us all to wear our masks and wash our hands if we get near someone exhibiting flu like symptoms.

Of course I am going to guess that the radical right wingers among us are going to be laughing all these concerns off and are going to go carelessly about their business with the same lack of regard and concern for their own health and the health of people around them that they showed during the covid pandemic. I am certain that we will be hearing more from the anti-vaccination nut cases and the anti-maskers as this goes onward.

2 thoughts on “Here Comes Monkey Pox

  1. We have quite a few cases of Monkey Pox in Britain, mainly in London. It is very unpleasant and unsightly, but so far does not prove to be fatal, and can be cured.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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