Meanings Of SCOTUS Abortion Action

This abortion crap has been argued for years and years now and finally, the right-wing-controlled Supreme Court (SCROTUS) … has taken action to overturn Rowe vs Wade and piss off a lot of women in the process while heaping loads of fornicatorial copulationist joy upon hordes of others who view the decision as a sign from The Most High.

As expected, there are the multitude of demonstrations, pro and con, going on all over the country … for the time being .. I am sure it will all simmer down before too long … America’s attention span is miserably short sometimes …. women of all kinds and persuasions running around waving their banners and screaming through their bull horns …while several black-robed judicial types who dropped the hammer on abortion must be experiencing some of the best autonomic ejaculatory sensations they have had in decades and decades.

Just an aside here … speaking of judicial types in their “Black” robes, I am of the opinion that in order to better address the racism issues facing the nation in these hectic days, somebody ought to see to it that the SCOTUS judges’ robes are a neutral gray color from here on out. Just a thought, folks, Just a thought. Fair is fair, after all.

So when you think about it, what is the real meaning of what the SCROTUS has done with their abortion ruling?

I think one of the most obvious things and one of the most serious things that has happened is that for the first time ever, the high court has stripped what had been regarded — rightly or wrongly — as a fundamental constitutional right for more than 50 years away from half the U.S., population … thus setting the stage for even more incursions into a few more “Rights” that Americans have taken for granted for years and decades and centuries. This despite the fact that as far as I can tell, “Abortion” was never intended by The Nations’ Founders to be included in The Constitution.

Yes, I believe that this one scrotal act is just a small seed in a larger ejaculation from the high court that we might see exploding on the political scene in the days, months and years yet to come. As they say, I believe that “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet!”

Some women are complaining that the thing that the Supreme Court just did with their gavel and their podium (Pistil and Stamen?) was take away what everybody concerned had long considered to be a fundamental civil right, the right to women having control over their own bodies and their right to privacy … all three of the aforementioned things … with one swift bang of the gavel.

I think we can be safe in saying that one thing all this fuckery has accomplished is to shift the responsibility for legislating abortion rights back to the individual states thus creating an entirely confused patchwork of laws and regulations … in lieu of a stable and all-encompassing Federal mandate … a situation that has created a legal morass for all parties concerned and, perhaps a lifetime of people in different areas of the country suffering and/or benefitting in various and sundry conflicting ways, manners and means. If this is truly The “United” States of America, there is no way in Hell that I can view all this shit going on here as anywhere near “United!” I think this has created one of the most “Unequal” equalities I have ever witnessed.

The only benefit I can see emanating from this is a specific and definite widening of the political chasm in American politics and unity.

I can imagine, in my mind’s eye, the very Flag of The United States getting more wrinkles from the stress of all this dumbfuckery.

But it is apparently what the piss-wigs of the right wing extremists get their jollies off on, so I guess we are stuck with it unless there is a lot more power in “Woman Power” than I am aware of. I have always considered a pissed off woman to be a power to be reckoned with … I can only imagine what a million or more of them might become.

As for me, I am viewing this whole damned mess as a turd stuck in the ass of History and I am praying (But not really expecting) that sooner or later, by some miracle, the U.S. Congress will get their heads out of their collective asses and laxitivify this egregious miscarriage of American expectation.

My more-than-superior intellect is suggesting to me, right now, that this action by SCOTUS is going to be the direct cause of thousands of women struggling to find ways to get across state borders to places where they can get their heart’s desire under the supervision of some abortionist … in a place they consider to be relatively safe for their quest …and I doubt that the ruling by the high court is going to do a damned thing to decrease the number of abortions performed in this country … but I do think the action of the high court is going to open the door to a lot of women perishing because they choose to use some illegal or unqualified “Back Alley” unborn child murderer somewhere … you know what I am talking about, I am sure … the old fashioned coat hanger specialists …the purveyors of pain, suffering and death for a price ….Read your history.

Check out how abortions were done in the old days RIGHT ABOUT HERE.

If that doesn’t make you want to puke your guts out, nothing will!

Now the discussion is beginning to turn toward contraceptives too. And if the discussion goes far toward outlawing contraceptives, how long will it be before things like vasectomies and tubal ligation come under the all-seeing microscope of Big Brother as well? Yes, men, your asses may soon become the property of the tyrannists too so enjoy legal sex while you still can if you can because the day might come soon now when you will be forbidden to indulge. (Unless you are chosen to be an official propagator of the species.). This is starting to sound a lot like Orwellianism to me. — Imagine the only people allowed by law to engage in sex being those who have been tested, observed, interviewed, trained, brainwashed and approved by the government to take part in “Purifying” and “Propagating” the races of human beings.

I think the door has now been opened to this kind of thing and possibly even worse as time goes on thanks to the SCOTUS roguery.

But as some people are asking, “If you are not thinking about an abortion, how is this new ruling by the SCOTUS going to affect you … and if it isn’t going to affect you, personally, why are you so concerned about it all?

Clear thinking … for just a minute … what has really happened here? The fact is that the SCOTUS did not … repeat, “DID NOT” take away a woman’s right to get an abortion ….Abortion has never been mentioned in the Constitution … what the SCOTUS did was give the individual states of the Union the responsibility of regulating the practice of abortion within their own boundaries. The SCOTUS has done nothing more than make “Abortion” a states’ right issue.

7 thoughts on “Meanings Of SCOTUS Abortion Action

  1. You are definitely correct that this is only the start, John. They have a ‘list’, and it’s a big list!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. State’s rights? Now there is the biggest mistake our Founders did. It lets states circumvent federal law and with SCOTUS help take away any progressive that has been made. chuq

    • A perfect ploy for anybody contemplating converting the United States into a shadow of the Third Reich. (Something that is now more evident than ever before in the actions of the radical rightists.)

        • The same techniques are being used for the American conversion as were used to get Adolph Hitler elected in a legitimate election back in the 30s and 40s … They convinced enough people that the government was totally corrupt and they offered their promises to make Germany Great Again .. just the same as is going on now, and the German people swallowed it all, hook, line and sinker .. and for a little while it did work out for them .. until enough time had elapsed and they took off their disguises and revealed their true nature. By that time it was too late. We are walking that same identical path right now.

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