Ukraine Biting The Hands That Feed

I have heard reports that Ukraine has been complaining loudly that The West and its allies are not doing enough to help them in their war with Russia.

First of all, have we not been sending billions of dollars in military assistance over there for the past few months and isn’t our commitment getting larger seemingly with every news item that breaks?

What do they expect us to do … fight the war for them?

Shades of fucking Vietnam if ever I heard any ….

We have enough problems of our own that the money we have been sending to that (what I believe to be) hopeless cause over there could be used in addressing.

I say that if they don’t appreciate what we have been doing for them then we ought to get the hell out of it all and focus on things that are happening right here at home.

8 thoughts on “Ukraine Biting The Hands That Feed

  1. The UK just agreed another £1 billion in aid to Ukraine. I think they want to keep petrol and diesel prices sky-high, have an excuse not to give pay rises, and for food prices to keep increasing. More profits for the big corporations, and the ordinary working people going cap in hand to employers.
    The expansion of global capitalism by proxy war.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. AS you know I agree with you…..and I want to know just what the US gets for all our ‘support’….they have nothing that we need. so what is it? chuq

    • The only thing that I can think of that the US gets out of all the support for Ukraine is Zero dead soldiers from a direct conflict with Russia … I know that might be only temporary bit it is the best answer that I can come up with for the time being.

      • Could be since the Pentagon is having a hard time to get recruits to sign up….so a proxy war is all they can muster right now. chuq

        • Well that is one reason I can see for the SCROTAL Justices recent abortion decision … they want to raise more kids to adulthood to serve as cannon fodder for their wars…I will not worry about a war with Pertussia until I see notice of a draft being implemented in the USA or until Prunetin incinerates Kiev with a nuke.

          • Do not worry we can always find someone that will do the fighting for us…..all it takes is massive money from the taxpayers. chuq

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