MTG wants USA To Surrender To Russia

(QUOTATION ) — “We should pull out of NATO,” Marge tweeted as she takes up the slack of Trump’s departure to aid and abet Russia.

We gotta ask: Who is paying her to spout this treason?” (END QUOTATION)

Read more about Margie’s remarks HERE.

This strikes me as “To Be Expected” because, after all, our beloved former president (Trump) wanted to pull us out of NATO too …and, as I recall, he had a special fondness for Russian Premier/President/Dicktater, the honorable Mr. V. Putin too.

Mr. Trump had a lot of praise for Vladimir on several occasions … CLICK HERE.

If you have been following politics at all, you have already seen how feverishly the radical right wing of the American Republican Party are positioning themselves for what they look to me like is a complete takeover of The United States in 2024.

If that happens then I am thinking that I might live to see the day when Ms. Greene and others like her will be encouraging The United States to surrender our homeland to Russia as well.

4 thoughts on “MTG wants USA To Surrender To Russia

  1. That woman should be in an asylum. I really find it hard to believe that any sane person voted for the deranged manic. They should be in the asylum with her!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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