Is It America No More Now?

Let us see — the Supreme Court has gone entirely rogue and radical, stripping more rights from people and hog-tying regulations meant to help and protect The American People like gangbusters … You think you are going to fix all this runaway roguery by voting? Think again …. voting districts have been so gerrymandered that it is going to be virtually, if not actually, impossible for anyone dissenting against anything to get their voice heard at the polls. So go ahead and vote as hard as you can. I think you will soon find out that your vote matters for nothing anymore and that the insane are in charge of the asylum.

Our beloved democracy is on the fast track now to devolve into a grasping, oppressive system of government controlled, lock, stock and barrel by the radical right wing of the Republican Party … the “Reputincan” wing … the wing that doesn’t give a shit about the average American but whose only reason for existing is to serve the whims and wishes of their Oligarch owners.

They will … absolutely will … declare your social security and your medicare and your medicaid to be unconstitutional the first chance they get … and then what are you going to do?

The Trumpers are doing this to America and they are getting away with it and there isn’t a damned thing anybody can do to stop it.

So are you ready to take your family out into the fields and valleys and search for whatever little wild things you can find to eat once you can no longer to afford the roof over your head, your medical bills, your child’s school expenses, gas for your car(3), the telephone bill, cable TV, — groceries for Christ’s sake? Are you prepared for all that?

Are you ready to feed and care for your elderly loved ones who will be utterly wiped out financially when the Red Tide gets done trashing the Constitution and all our rights as a nation?

3 thoughts on “Is It America No More Now?

  1. If the rich push down on the poor too hard, they may find angry mobs at the doors of their houses. People can only take so much shit-feeding.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • You are right of course but I fear the victims of right wing tyranny will wait too long. In fact, maybe they already have waited too long.

  2. I live in hurricane alley so I am always prepared for anything….I already eat dandelions from my yard…plus wild onions and other edibles…..this started with Newt and gained lots of momentum with the Tea Party and we have today. Not looking good. chuq

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