Is Social Security Doomed?

Republicans have dreamed of destroying Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid for a long time now and with the new radical right wing Supreme Court behind them, they are now in a better position to do it than they have ever been …and I do not believe their desire to do it has ever subsided in the least.

Since Trump and McConnell have packed the courts from the highest to the lowest in the land with Trump-Policy supporters there is every possibility that the social safety nets are the next targets of their tyranny.

The only way to stop this from happening, in my opinion, is for democrats to come out in force when it comes time to vote again … if, in fact, there is another election ever again …and if that election is not totally managed by radical right wing cronies so that they can pull off the coup on the voters that they have always dreamed of.

Imagine the human tragedy that would happen with the end of the social safety net!

6 thoughts on “Is Social Security Doomed?

  1. I think all Right-wing governments yearn to remove social security. That way, the poor people will have to work for next to nothing, and just die if they are starving.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. John you are right…..this is the time when the GOP could possibly end the SS program and return our seniors to the struggle for life…..the dream of the morons on the Right. chuq

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