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The first thing I noticed this morning was a blog post on Beetley Pete’s blog saying that the price of gasoline in England has reached a little over Twelve U.S. dollars now. I was shocked to hear this and it reminded me that people here in the USA ought to be thankful that our gasoline is still hovering around the Five dollar mark.

Well folks, there is a new political nightmare brewing for all Americans and like the other nightmares that have come true from the Supreme Court in the last few days, this one is very frightening … frightening because some of the groundwork for it has already been laid … what am I talking about? I am talking about this:

QUOTE — “…Six Republicans on the Supreme Court just announced—a story that has largely flown under the nation’s political radar—that they’ll consider pre-rigging the presidential election of 2024…) Full story at Crooks and Liars. You have got to read this because, no matter what any body thinks … no matter how many denials you are going to hear … this shit is real and it is dangerous and it affects you and everybody you care about.

So tomorrow is July 4th and I am wondering what I will be celebrating this year: will it be celebrations of our Independence from the tyranny of rule by the Brits back then in history or will it be a welcoming celebration for the tyranny of the radical right wing that is about to abolish all our constitutional freedoms and size control of the government on a permanent basis?

Since the price of everything has started trying to hump the legs of consumers, it is reported that many Americans are living on a diet of frozen pizza, potato chips and coffee. I cannot believe that this is happening because that would be one dangerous assed diet for long-time consumption. But I hear that price pressure at the grocery outlets is causing many people to resort to this artery-clogging diet as a matter of necessity. I am sure the medical community is loving it all though because it surely must be buying them new tires for their expensive imported automobiles.

5:06 PM
Most of the day is gone and I have managed to get 5 visitors to my $180 dollar per year blog. Kind of makes me want to reconsider the return on investment here.

It is now the evening of July 3, 2022 and all the neighbors are setting off their fireworks from 4 p.m. to midnight … and they will be doing it again tomorrow … and a lot of them will be doing it for a whole week or more because some people have absolutely no concern for the feelings of their neighbors. I am waiting to see how many of those amateurs blow their fingers off screwing around with fireworks. My attitude is “Good enough for their ignorant asses.”

I read a news story today about some young man somewhere getting killed by police. He reportedly had 8 police officers shoot more than 90 rounds at him from their guns striking him with 60 of those rounds. It is said he was unarmed at the time. Did I mention that he was a black man? I might not should have mentioned his race because I suspect that race had nothing to do with any of this … but as to the 60 bullets striking and killing the victim, it occurs to me that there might well be several unmanageable boners going on somewhere for hours following this incident. I am thinking that there are some folks who, instead of mourning the death of the victim, might be relishing the highly manly and “Heroic” actions taken against what some people must have thought was an armed and dangerous criminal. In my opinion stories like this give me a new impression of “Protect and Serve.”

But everybody is human and tragic mistakes can happen and in America, where guns hold a position of awe and reverence that competes with that of God Himself, those mistakes happen a lot.

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  1. I’m sure some will be celebrating being able to carry a concealed gun in New York, and others forcing some unfortunate women to have to travel for abortions. We have no comparable celebration here, but if we did I would not be participating.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. John I am wondering just what Americans are celebrating….I mean the very foundations of our nation are being stripped away….so what is there to celebrate? chuq

    • What is there to celebrate? Well, for one thing .. July 4th is another excuse for a lot of drunks and degenerates to go on their annual alcoholic and dope-ridden rampages …

      • I agree there is very little to celebrate these days for Americans are watching the DoI become a useless document thanx to their apathy. chuq

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