I got Me Some Amethyst Rocks

Yes, I sent off in the mail and ordered three pretty little amethyst stones, clear as glass and blue as the darkening sky.

Part of the lore surrounding amethysts of this kind and variety is that they help their owners curb tendencies to overspend their budget.

Other lore (Superstitions) include the idea that the little stones help in the healing of physical ailments.

Well, I do not overspend my budget for the simple reason that my budget is too large for me to overspend … unless I go insane or something …but the idea that I am going to overspend my budget is ludicrous.

And the only physical ailment that I have that the amethysts might be good for is “Obesity.” Even though I have been a weight lifter in my day, my muscular mass is considered by some in the medical community as “Grossly Obese.” I do weigh 242 pounds but I can still pull a tape measure to 40-inches around my waist … and I can still walk for miles at a time at a rather fast pace without wearing myself out … and I am only a couple of days away from being 84 years old now. I think I am doing very well for my age.

Of course my amethysts are safe because they are too hard to cook or to eat or to digest … so I am not going to be eating them anytime soon … unless the radical right wing takes power and decides to starve all of us old farts to death by taking away our pensions and social security … neither of which I have to worry about ….

The amethysts do look good when immersed in clear water in a fish aquarium but I do not have a fish aquarium so I have to use a clear glass cup of some kind.

If you are wondering what an amethyst sounds like, then I am sure you will like the following …..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wj6aCE5WCc&ab_channel=DrVirtual7EmpowerDynamics

So now I have done a blog post on my life and ways …hope someone enjoys it.

7 thoughts on “I got Me Some Amethyst Rocks

  1. My wife is a great believer in the healing and spiritual powers of crystals and stones, John. She had a huge collection, running to the hundreds. Many are displayed around the house. I hope they give you some contentment.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      • She gets great comfort from them, even though I never really bought into the idea of them. They help her stay calm.

    • Dear beetleypete,
      Like your wife, I am also an avid collector and connoisseur.

      Dear John,
      Good on you for having a new hobby! I would like to caution you that your budget is not too large for you to overspend on mineral clusters and crystal specimens, because some of them can be very costly, and they are highly coveted by collectors.

      Yours sincerely,

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