Post No. 25

The time is now 11:31 PM where I live and the day has been alright for the most part … no major problems. My broker called this morning to inform me that I am still solvent in the Bear Market. That was some good news.

The hospital called to tell me that Cousin Jeanette was feeling better and would be discharged in a day or so to return to the assisted living facility. She is a diabetic and has a lot of problems.

Tomorrow we are going to a distant community to visit the eye doctor where my friend, Jim, will get his annual eye exam and probably have to purchase new lenses for his glasses. Once that is finished, we will go to the park down by the river and have a lunch of tacos from the local Taco Bell restaurant.

The news about the war in Ukraine has pretty much disappeared from our television news programs because the mass shootings are hogging the headlines these days. From the last time I heard anything about Ukraine there was a stalemate and both sides were making advances and then retreating and people were still dying on both sides of the conflict.

I did hear one report that said that the leader of Belarus had been telling people that Europe needs a cleansing. I am thinking that the Belarusian idiot wants a total war with all NATO and all Europe. He must be as crazy as a lot of other dictators I could name.

I bought some new fizzing cleaner for my dentures today. It seems to work very well. The instructions warn me not to drink the liquid. I would not need to be told not to drink the liquid. This causes me to really rinse the dentures off thoroughly before using them again.

I guess that is enough yammering for now.

See you all in the morning, The Lord willing .. and the creek don’t rise.

5 thoughts on “Post No. 25

  1. Ukarine has been knocked off the news completly here, due to the antics of Boris and the government. It is hard to find any mention of that war on the main news channels here.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Good to hear your cousin is doing better…..I have put down a few thoughts on Ukraine in a post for today…..always good to here that your money is safe, right? chuq

    • I am waiting to read your article on Ukraine today. It will be a little later on in the day because I have to go out of town on business this morning. I wish that sometime soon you would post something about how the supreme court is setting us all up for disaster and what the odds are that they can be stopped. I love the way you are always so thorough when you post something.

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