The Highland Park Mass Shooting

There have been more than Three-Hundred mass shootings in various locations across the United States this year and still the damned radical Republicans try to blame all this carnage on everything and everybody except the proliferation of the god-damned guns themselves.

Right now, as I write this blog post, I know I am pissing in the wind because nobody is going to pay any attention to what I have to say …and like myself (I am a nothing and nobody peon politically) — right now as I write this blog post and the computer algorithms make sure nobody will ever find it or read it … except a few faithful who have somehow got me book marked … for which I am always grateful …right now, as I write this blog post, there is absolutely nowhere in the confines of the Continental United States where citizens can feel safe anymore.

You want to find a solution to the mass shootings in America? I have the solution and it is a simple one.

To get rid of the mass shooting problem in the United States, we have to de-certify the Republican Party totally and get it declared as an outlier … and replace it with something where the members all have a regard for human life.

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4 thoughts on “The Highland Park Mass Shooting

  1. They need to outlaw personal gun ownership, and confiscate all the weapons owned by individuals. (Yes I know, that is never going to happen. But I didn’t see any of those ‘ brave gun owners’ firing back at the shooter on the roof.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. John I am not sure that any Repub is concerned with human life these days….whether radical or otherwise…..there are NO liberal Repubs left in the party. They have been purged since 2010….damn shame. chuq

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