Government Getting Ready For Interest Hike

The American federal government doesn’t seem to have much of a collective memory when it comes to dealing with the economy. They seem to forget that whenever they increase interest rates in an effort to stem inflation, they run the greater risk of sending the Economy shit holing into a real bad recession. But that has been what has happened in the past when the Fed hiked interest rates too often and too much … a really severe recession followed.

Another thing the Big Brother Group in Washington seems to be unaware of is that the specter of the inflation now kicking the asses of millions of Americans does have a real potential for becoming a permanent fixture of American life …despite all the government tries … this fucking inflation can become permanent because there are greedy assholes who will always take advantage of every opportunity to make consumers bend over and spread their legs — and if there is ever going to be a stop put to that shit, then the government (The “Gubmint” in right wing lingo”) needs to get the gonads to establish price controls like the did before a long time ago. The price controls worked. Read about them…. Here.

Regardless of what anybody thinks or wants to argue, the Office of Price Administration made it possible for a whole lot of common ordinary working class Americans to feed their families when times were tough and it put the stifle on a bunch of greed mongering assholes who would have otherwise stuffed their asses on the misery and suffering of the “Little People” — I am sure this action got up the noses of the right wing profiteers but it sure was handy among those who had little of anything and who often stood the chance of losing what little they did have.

In all fairness, I have to admit that there are and were some Leftists who follow the same greedy course in their business dealings as everybody else so this is not a one sided thing. I hate saying that because in my heart I want to blame everything on the right wingers but the problem with that is that all politics is corrupt today and the left is often as guilty of shit as the right.

So I think that no matter what the Fed does as far as fixing interest rates goes, nothing good is going to happen until somebody decides that there needs to be some kind of emergency action to restrain retail thieves and their cohorts from robbing the consumer blind at the cash register.

It is beginning to look to me like screwing consumers is becoming a new market in and of itself as far as commercial con artists are concerned, and when I watch price tags on store shelves getting bigger and bigger all the time, I am convinced that the cons are getting real good at their job … and somebody needs to put a lid on their asses.

I think we need to see a lot of pissed off Americans start to boycott cheaters and grabbers and profiteers and let some of their overpriced shit rot on the store shelves. That might send a corrective signal to the powers that be and to the grifters and the grabbers who want to make their fortunes off the suffering of their fellow citizens.

3 thoughts on “Government Getting Ready For Interest Hike

  1. If your interest rates increase, ours will follow suit. Luckily, we have no mortgage or loans, and may get a little more interest on our not very substantial savings. On the downside, my step-children will find life a little harder, and we will no doubt end up helping them financially.
    So nobody wins except the rich.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. One, no one in DC cares about the rest of us…..these solutions help few of us mere mortals…..chuq

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