I Do Not Pay To Play

I went onto the website, [“There are many of the same”] today and discovered an invitation to “Subscribe” (for a price, of course).

The Internet is filled with news and commentary and much of it (Most of it is freely accessible.). Since I can find almost anything I am interested on the World-Wide-Web without paying a single cent, farthing, quid or penny for it, there is no damned way that I am ever going to pay money to get subscribed to anything or to get past a “Pay Wall.”

For those who feel compelled to part with their money on such websites I say, “Enjoy yourselves.) I condemn no one but I sure as hell am going to protect what I have from those who desire for me to part with some of it. If these websites need to make money from their endeavors, I say “More Power To Them” but as for me and mine, give me the free Internet on which I can find pretty much anything I want to see absolutely free.

Here is a tip you might find interesting and even helpful:

Copy a headline from any site asking for money and Google it. You will be surprised at how many websites will show you the same information for nothing that you might have paid to see.

You can thank me later.

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