What Would A Radical Right Wing Plan To Fix The Homeless Problem Look Like?

The most radicalized Republicans are not yet talking about “Final Solutions” to the problems surrounding homeless people but some of them are suggesting things that sound to me to be a lot like some of the things that could eventually be a lot like Germany’s ruling “Nazionalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” party used in the late 1930s and early 40s to address some of their own problems with folks they believed did not fit their social paradigms or others who they felt were unproductive members of their social order.

What I am talking about here is something that some Republicans somewhere in some form of significant power in one of our Northernmost states are calling “The Shelter.”

Those folks have described “The Shelter” they want to construct to help solve the problem of homelessness in their state as a large facility, fenced and guarded by police and offering “Counselling” and “Job Services.”Some people have described this facility as a “Camp” and have indicated concerns over just how large the “Camp” should be.

Now all this is being discussed in some Right Wing circles while America is still a democracy. And if this “Camp” were to be built and staffed while America is still a democracy, well then, I believe it might be able to help reduce the homeless problems in the area where this is being discussed. I think that if you consider those who are talking about this plan and if you consider that we still live in a democracy then I believe their ideas have a lot of merit and should be examined thoroughly.

But how does this idea morph and what does it turn into if the Radical Right ever gets control of the entire government and institutes their psuedo-fascist form of “Christian Nationalist” government?

I think that if that nightmare I have just mentioned were to take place ….. and I think I have every reason, based on what the Radical Factions of The Republican Party have been trying to sell to the American People, to believe that the “Shelter” (Camp) program they are talking about could become something dark, ominous and dangerous to millions of Americans —– Homeless Americans.

Imagine a giant compound containing rows and rows of “Barracks” with a big impenetrable fence around all its perimeters with roving guards policing the streets and guard towers with searchlights situated at various places along the fence.

Imagine this huge homeless “Shelter” having a resident population of hundreds or even a couple of thousand beneficiaries (Inmates), living in their somewhat cramped quarters in those barrack buildings … each one with a small bed, a foot locker and a wall locker …..towels and toiletries …… mandatory morning exercise periods in large integrated exercise and parade fields ….. a dining hall ….. free meals served twice a day ….. and no one ever leaves the compound without permission of the commandant (Officer in charge) —– and the only time the commandant allows anyone to leave the compound is when an inmate has to go to a medical facility or on some organized field trip sponsored by the facility.

Imagine that in such a facility as I am describing here, the counselling sessions are mandatory and are daily —– seven days a week —– lasting about two hours in a 14-hour day —-and the counselling consists strictly and entirely of lectures and films and studies about the glorious benefits of being a productive and loyal member of the party in power in the nation’s capital —– The counselling session for Sundays would consist of a 17-hour-long stretch of the same things.

Imagine what the “Job Services” in such a place would be like —– Offering each and every physically fit inmate the opportunity to work on a production line making things as private unpaid contractors for commercial businesses outside the facility —– working seven days a week —- without pay —- but with health benefits —– or —- If the inmates are not chosen for factory work then they would be farmed out to do agricultural work, or to build bridges and highways and dams —– all kinds of infrastructure work —– as their reasonable service to the government who has provided them with a sure and certain path out of the inconveniences and sufferings associated with homelessness —- God bless America!

There are people who are working on the homelessness problem in The United States though —– compassionate and reasonable people —– and if you need to read a few words about some of what is happening, you can do so RIGHT HERE. Thanks for visiting our blog today —– come often and let us explore some of the possibilities and probabilities we all might face together some sweet day in the future.

2 thoughts on “What Would A Radical Right Wing Plan To Fix The Homeless Problem Look Like?

  1. This does indeed sound like the ‘Work Camps’ that were popular under Stalin. They were mostly located in Siberia, involved back-breaking manual labour, followed by hours of ‘political indoctrination’ before you got any food. And the Republicans are said to despise Communists?
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Everything the GOP does these days sounds like the Germany we all hate…..Americans had better beware or lose all they have. chuq

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