I Didn’t Know What To Write

It must have been a case of writer’s bloc. Or it could have been all the festivities surrounding my birthday yesterday. I became 84 years old for the first time in my life. LOL.

Cake, Ice cream and champagne — prime rib au jus …. lots of laughs …. greetings from people that I almost had forgot …It was taxing but wonderful. Somebody even gave me an adorable little stuffed panda bear doll …That adds to my considerable collection of stuffed toy animals. I even got my old Rolex out and shined it up for the occasion ….I do not wear it often anymore … too much temptation for thieves …. too much of a possible occasion for a mugging … you know the world we are living in, I am sure. But the birthday was memorable and I am, for the time being, still on the right side of the sod for my tastes. LOL.

The temperature here today is a comfortable 81 degrees …. the skies are clear and blue and, for now, devoid of contrails caused by Russian missiles. I guess old Putin is still staying calm, cool and collected about us fighting a proxy war in Ukraine. It appears that we are still pouring our national treasure into that fray … a fray that has no recognizable end in sight …and there are a lot of women out in the streets across the nation today demonstrating and bitching and griping because they think that Biden isn’t doing enough to protect their rights to kill their unborn kids….

Gasoline (Petrol in Great Britain) has begun to go down in price …It is now below Five Dollars for a gallon …People seem to be relieved about it ….But I do not expect it to go on and on because the greed mongers have gotten a taste for American tolerance for their inflationary ways and I think a lot of them think they can get away with their crookedness indefinitely …. but the American Consumer might eventually get other ideas.

There is another blistering heat wave threatening people in the American West and a gigantic out-of-control wild fire is threatening the iconic sequoia trees in the Yosemite National Forest. The big lakes and rivers in the Western states are drying up … I am sure that before we know it we will see a massive surge of “Water Refugees” leaving the West and heading for the East and the Mid West and the South … I can’t wait to see the effect that human wave will have on local economies in targeted areas. (If it has any economic impact at all.).

One interesting development is the story about how the American GOP is using dangerous rhetoric that is having brainwashing effects on segments of the population. As I was reading this it occured to me that what I was reading sounded an awfully lot like some of the stuff I had read about German Propaganda Minister, Goebbels during the short reign of Adolf Hitler back in the late 1930s and early 40s … You need to read this …RIGHT HERE PLEASE. It will set your teeth a dancing is my best guess. Shows us just how low the lowest among us can really go in their quest to tear the country down and replace it with themselves.

Alright, I have written enough for now. Maybe more people will read my stuff this evening and tomorrow than have read any of it today. Maybe readership on these blogs does come in spurts as some of my best Internet friends have told me before. I think I need to do a lot more chilling out rather than ruminating on mundane shit … as I am so prone to do.

2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know What To Write

  1. Belated birthday greetings, my friend. 84 is a great age, and if I make it that far, i will consider myself lucky. I am very glad to hear you had some celebrations, and your Panda gift sounds very nice.
    (Petrol and Diesel is not going down here, if anything it has crept over £10 a gallon everywhere, even more in London.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Happy birthday my friend…..glad to hear that it was enjoyable….the temp here at 11 pm is 103….I will take 81 any day…LOL……write what you feel……have a great day. chuq

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