Stop Worrying About Stuff You Can’t Control
So you will notice that there is no formal headline on this blog post.I can tell you from hard experience that it doesn’t matter whether you work hard to create the perfect headline, it is going to do absolutely nothing to get more readers to read your stuff.

I have had years of experience in journalism and while headlines do help when you are dealing with printed media, I doubt that it does a damn thing to help if you are dealing with the highly discriminatory and selective electronic algorithms that an Internet blog deals with on a daily basis.

I have been working my ass off to follow all the rules about Internet blogging and I have been doing it for more than Ten years now and I have no more regular readers on my blog than I had when I first began. So I am done with worrying about the clever selection and placement of so-called “Key” words and creative headlines — and all the rest of the crap that the supposedly expert bloggers are telling us all the time.

From now on, I am going to just let the words flow and never again worry about repeating keywords throughout the posts …. not going to worry about the frequency of publication or the time of day when I write and release my posts ….. or any of that other bullshit that I have been reading and trying to do for all this time. If readers stumble onto my blog and decide they want to read something, they are going to do it. If the invisible algorithms hide my blog at the bottom of a list of a million other blogs that is alright by me … screw them! If what I write is meant to be seen, it will be found.

I have a friend in the blog business who doesn’t do anything according to the book either and he gets tens of thousands of visits to his blog each week. So there must be something to what I have been saying here. (Of course his blog is over on Blogspot (Blogger) so I don’t know how their thing works. I was over there once and I quit it because people never hardly left comments over there. People here on do leave comments from time to time and that makes you feel like you are not alone in the world …but I have gotten to the point where very few people ever look at my blog … just a blessed few good faithful and loyal friends who have kept my spirits up for all these years … the blessed few that I love with all my heart for their generosity toward me …. and they know who they are, so I don’t have to mention their names.

I have raved and ranted about all this before and I don’t know why I am doing it now …..but I am because I really can’t think of anything else to rave about at the present time. Call it “Creative Bloc” if you want to. While I would definitely appreciate having a lot of people read my every word, I know that is not the way the world works and I have accepted that but I keep on blogging because I am old and my mind needs the stimulation ….. it is kind of like masturbating in a fashion ….. in fact, I used to refer to writing as a form of mental masturbation even though this form is more subtle and less jarring that the kind that you experience when you are reading radical right wing political garbage…… that is another story altogether.

So until I settle down a little bit I am going to blog a hundred times a day if I feel like it or I am not going to blog for days if I don’t feel like it and I don’t give a shit anymore. This is my blog and I am going to do what the hell ever I want with it as long as what I choose to do is legal. Basically this is my way of journaling and of expressing my literary genius which, I have to admit, is way above average….. way beyond the norm …. and if you don’t believe that, then just ask me and I will confirm it for you . LOL.

So from now on I am not going to concentrate a Hundred percent on news and politics but it will remain my main focus ….but I will occasionally write something about “Hog’s Ass Jelly” or the “Homosexual Habits Of Barn Owls” or what the hell other subject crosses my more-than-encyclopedic mind ….. and if you happen to be a fan of true genius-inspired eccentricity, then you are in the right place and you need to bookmark this site and share it with your friends and associates. Thank you in advance.

Enough said for this hour. Have a blessed day, I know you have better things to do.

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  1. There you go….the perfect equation… what you like and fuck those that think they have all the answers…..for those answers are not found in the stats but rather in your mind and heart. Good luck…..chuq

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