Well ….crap! I have heard it said that Iran is thinking of supplying hundreds of drones to Russia for use against Ukraine.

I believe that Iran has long been a pain in America’s ass but apparently nobody has had the balls or the will to do anything about it. Maybe it is a good thing that we have not done anything about it but I am thinking that somewhere along the line we are going to pay dearly for the way we have dealt with Iran.

I suppose America will now spend a few more billion dollars to counter the threat posed by the Iranian drones.

Is there any end to this catch 22?

As a little aside … I am informed by wordpress.com that I am on a “Streak” with my posting on this blog …..I am also on a streak attracting new readers … I had a grand total of 9 out of a possible Thousand or more visitors today …. a real good record if you ask me. Is all this really worth $180 per year?

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  1. It is worth whatever it is worth to you to continue blogging, John. I renewed my Premium Plan today, and it is still the same price as last year. So it is worth it to me.
    Iran is always going to be a burden, as long as the West continues to support Israel, and all of its awful treatment of Palestinian arabs in that country.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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