The world is filled with all kinds of news these days —– or if it is not really news, it is stuff that the media wants us to believe is legitimate news —– I don’t really know what is what anymore because there is so much distortion in the news these days —– but since I do not want people to reside in the darkness about what is going on in the world, I am going to touch on a few things that I find interesting ….. and I hope you find them interesting as well.

The famous January 6th Committee that is investigating what went wrong at the United States Capitol on January 6th of the year in which it happened seems to believe that it is doing a mind-blowing job of setting the stage to get something done about what Trump is alleged to have done ….. but in my very observing and intellectualized mind, I believe that no matter what anybody discovers or discloses or reveals, nothing is ever going to get done in the way of making anybody (Especially Trump) accountable for anything and, for that reason, I am thinking that the whole “January 6 Committee” thing is a time wasting financial fiasco. T he Trump administration rigged the entire Justice system in favor of Trump and nobody is ever going to prosecute him or anything else of such like nature …. and the country should get over it and move on.

I have been hearing an awfully lot of talk about how old President Biden is and about how a lot of people, supposedly knowledgeable, are worried that if he runs for the presidency again in 2024 (and there is some indication that he might be thinking about doing it) his age might work against him in another term as president.

I can understand all the concerns even though I have read stories about how his medical advisers have said that he is perfectly healthy and capable of handling the job of President.

So far, the most interesting thing I have seen about Biden and the 2024 election is that there is reportedly nobody at all planning to run against him. I had kind of hoped that Liz Chaney might run for president in 2024 or Hillary Clinton …. but so far I haven’t heard about anybody at all even thinking about running.

While it is important for democrats to find a candidate for 2024, I am also afraid that because of all the gerrymandering and court stacking and election law passing that the Red states and the Red courts have been doing since 2015, an election in 2024 might not mean much anyway because I think the Right Wing Radicals have already got the deck all stacked in their favor and that no democrat would have a chance of winning anyway.

There is a growing crescendo of news these days that the BA-5 variant of Covid-19 has now become the dominant strain in the United States and that cases are on the rise again.

Medical experts are advising us all to take precautions against catching the virus again because the BA-5 variant is the most virulent ever and is passing from person to person at an uncomfortably rapid rate. They are telling us that the new variant is so clever that it can bypass immunizations and booster shots and that people can become sick from it over and over again. So if somebody had the covid a month ago, they could surely catch it again yesterday or today even. It is said by the same experts that the new more virulent variant knows how to escape the protective antibodies inside of people.

The upshot of what I am saying is that the experts are telling us to wear our masks again when we are out and about and among people, to do the social distancing like we did when covid was first discovered and to get those shots because even though the shots can not always prevent us from getting sick, they have a great track record in keeping out of hospitals and early graves. The fact is, as presented by some in the Medical Establishment, that “America has moved on from the covid-19 but covid-19 has not moved on from America.”

How The Right Wing Could Steal The 2024 Election.
I am not all that interested in how the Radical Conservatives could steal the presidency during the election of 2024 because I am already conviniced that they are damned well going to try it ….. and this time they might succeed …. and they will do it with the help of the maverick Supreme Court and HERE is how they will do it.

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  1. I thought Biden was already too old. He doesn’t seem to me to fully grasp the seriousness of his role and comes across like a sleepy grandpa. They really should choose someone younger and more dynamic for 2024, though not Harris. She would lose it for them, big time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Anyone that was surprised by 06 Jan is an optimist….it has been brewing for a long time…..Biden will be beat in 2024 if he runs….people are suffering and he has done little but help corporations make more money…..Covid does not worry me I still protect myself…..GOP will try very hard to steal the election and if it goes to SCOTUS they will be successful…..just my thoughts…..chuq

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