China Reports New Strain Of Bird Flu

The following is my opinion entirely except for the verifiable facts that can be substantiated by experts:

Opinion Editorial
By John (Blog Author)

O.K. folks, now that China has gifted the world with Covid-19, we now have something new from the same benefactors: The new strain of Bird Flu “Detected” by the Chinese is called “H3N8” and, of course (as a reasonable person might suspect) the new bird flu virus is very much transmissible to human beings.

How dangerous is this new bird flu strain to human beings?

“Bird flu infections in humans have ranged in severity from no symptoms or mild illness to severe disease that resulted in death.” Read More HERE: I guess that should answer the question of how dangerous it is.

I have no basis on which to suspect that somebody in China might be pissed off at The United States for some reason but I personally find it a little troublesome that we first hear about Covid originating in China (and spreading to the whole damned world .. and definitely having a weakening effect on The United States Population) and now, with the Covid pandemic still raging and spitting out variants of itself like clockwork, we are faced with this new virulent strain of bird flue …… also from China ….. and it makes me wonder what little surprises China still has up its sleeve for us.

Is all this just an unfortunate accident?

Second question: “Just how many virulent diseases can The United States deal with before they become a real threat to the stability of our nation —- and if our nation were to be destabilized to any degree by disease, who would stand to benefit most from the situation?”

I do not want to become the author of any conspiracy theories here and I don’t want to make accusations or point fingers ….. but correct me if I am wrong when I say that relations between The USA and China are not the best they have ever been at the present time. Is that putting it lightly or what?

Read More Here:

It definitely is enough to keep my attention focused …. and to cause me some sleeplessness at night.

2 thoughts on “China Reports New Strain Of Bird Flu

  1. We have had outbreaks of bird flu all over Norfolk this year, resulting in the culling ot thousands of farm-reared turkeys, chickens, ducks, and geese. It has been going on here for months, and is also affecting seabirds around the coastline. So far there have been no cases of transmission to humans. That might only be a matter of time of course.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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