Russia Doesn’t Seem To Like Gay People Very Much

Russia has reportedly been considering a ban on “Propaganda” which they believe promotes the Homosexual lifestyle — and the proposed ban also proposes fines or jail time for offenders.

This sounds to me like something that could happen here in The United States if the Supreme Court starts messing with “Gay Rights” — and I have heard that is where they are going with their current campaign of raping the rights of American citizens.

Somehow, this all seems to me to be areas where the American Radical Conservatives, who all pretend to hate “Enemies of Freedom”, come together in mindset with the Russian rulers like conjoined twins.

I am expecting that if somebody or something does not put a halt to the rights-crushing madness of the current SCOTUS, Americans are going to find themselves living under a lot of laws and regulations that look very much like those of Russia.

Now while this author (Me) isn’t particularly very much in favor of a homosexual agenda (which is my right), I also cringe at the thought of our government edging toward something that looks more like communism with each right that the Supreme Court attacks.

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3 thoughts on “Russia Doesn’t Seem To Like Gay People Very Much

  1. It is strange how much the American (Far) Right castigates Communism, yet feels attracted to so many of the same policies.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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