“Shoot, Shoot! Shoot! I guess we better stay home and keep the doors locked!

It is getting so we can’t walk down the street anymore without some fuckwad with a gun shooting up the place —- and maybe even shooting people in the process.

Bloodied, broken dead bodies of every age and description seems to be the wet dream for more-than-enough right-wing-supported ramrods with a wet dream of going out in a blaze of glory after murdering as many innocent people as possible.

And the (Expletive) government doesn’t look like it is doing a damned thing to put an end to it and some in the government have expressed the reality that they are not about to even try to put an end to it. —– https://www.mahablog.com/2022/05/26/the-many-republican-excuses-for-gun-violence/ “Shoot, Shoot and Shoot some more … nobody but the victims and their families seem to care in this “Enlightened” American age.

While distraught parent mourn for their lost children, the f**king gun-suckers in the GOP stand idly by offering nothing more than “Thoughts and fucking useless damned prayers! Thoughts and prayers while the shooters shoot and shoot some more with no end apparently in sight.

I got news for you, dick heads … “Thoughts and prayers” are not going to bring those children back from the grave and they are of no consolation at all to the loved ones whose children are lost to them forever.

You stupid damned selfish-assed politicians need to get off your asses and stop worrying about the gun lobby fucking up your next election and finally get the balls to do something to help the people who vote for you. Is that asking too much? or is “Shoot, shoot and shoot some more” becoming your Sunday morning hymn as you worship naked at the altar of gun-sucking?

Mass shooting seems to have become the favorite passtime for any number of crazy assed dick heads with testerone problems or some other psychological disorder. I guess a lot of the crazy shooters — most of whom apparently get their guns in a legal manner because the radical GOP seems to really want somebody to shoot, shoot and shoot some more — I guess they must feel like they are some kind of hero or something when all they really are is a waste of humanity that should have been a little more loved or supervised by their parents somewhere along the line …or that should have had their online privileges curtailed ….or that should have been seen as a danger to society earlier than they were ….or that should have this or that or something else or what the fuck ever ….”Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda … It is useless to even talk about it anymore.

I am sure the radical GOP has a solution for it all … and I am thinking to myself right now, “If you think things are bad now, just wait until the right wing siezes total power in 2024 …. after that I think the idea of “Shoot, shoot and shoot some more” will be even more rampant than it is now …lf you can imagine such horse shit.

Even kids at a little league baseball game aren’t safe anymore. CLICK HERE. It is disgusting!

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