Letter To Ron

August 5, 1964

Dear Ron:

We got settled in our apartment in Marysville, California today. It was a job getting all our furniture up to the 7th floor but the building superintendent was nice enough to let us use the service elevator so it wasn’t that much trouble. I didn’t do much of the moving work. We had hired a couple of Hispanic men with a truck to make the move and they did a good job even though they insisted on taking their siesta in the heat of the California sun.

The good news is that the apartment is well air conditioned and has spectacular views of the river and surrounding countryside. It is just a hop, skip and a jump from here to Yuba City. There is a big butte just a few miles out of town from Yuba City and my wife and I are planning a walking trip to visit it. It will require some precautions such as snake guards because they are telling me that the butte in question is a virtual rattlesnake nest. Boots and my trusty 45 at my side. We ought to be alright and we are looking forward to getting some great exercise on the way out there.

I like Marysville already. Part of the city is a concentration of a lot of Mexican People and they have this one restaurant there where you can buy a sort of french fried burrito… a crispy fried corn tortilla crust filled with spicy beef and beans and burrito sauce …I love them. I tried their Mexican chili and that was a funny story.

The chili was served with a side order of this green-colored sauce that the waiter in the restaurant informed me as “Special.” I drizzled some of the “Special” sauce into my chili and put a teaspoon of it into my mouth. In about 20 seconds I was virtually on fire inside and out from the “Special” sauce. It was the hottest thing I think I ever ate. I could feel the heat all the way from my mouth into my stomach.

I must have created a scene because as I hastily called for a glass of milk, the boys sitting at their booth near the rear of the restaurant began pointing at me and laughing their asses off. I guess the “Gringo” gave them a real show that day but it was all good. I survived.

Later on that same afternoon, my wife and I went to the local movie theater and bought tickets to see the movie, “Deliverance.” It was a Burt Reynolds vehicle and was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I enjoyed the hell out of it. My wife liked it too.

When we got home that evening, our concierge had arranged for a nice evening meal of prime rib au jus and all the trimmings to be served to us in the apartment. That was the evening that I discovered the joy associated with a before dinner apéritif called “DOM Benedictine.” This is a liqueur actually produced by some monks somewhere.It was magnificent. We enjoyed a quality burgundy with the beef. The meal had been prepared by a restaurant just a few blocks distant from our apartment where they roast a whole quarter of an animal over mesquite-laden charcoal. The restaurant chefs slice portions straight off the meat being roasted and plate them. It is an intriguing idea and I have to tell you it is gourmet.

After watching television until the station went off the air at Midnight and started playing the National Anthem, we finally went to bed and thought about the plans we had made to go out to the river and do a little panning for gold nuggets before setting off on our trek to the butte.

Before we start out in the morning I am going to give Sandy (My wife) the new $8,000 oval-cut diamond that I picked up, unbeknownst to her during a business trip last week. I think it will blow her mind. There is a slight occlusion in it but it cannot be seen without a very large magnifier. I know she is going to love it.

Alright then, Buddy, you take care of yourself and we hope you can fly out and visit before too long.

As always,


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  1. I am interested as to whether or not this is a semi-fictional story, John. I looked up Yuba City, and see it is near Sacramento. But ‘Deliverance’ was not released until 1972.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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