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Gun control news in the United States is never good. Biden gun control is lame and inefficient and inadequate. The latest gun control bill is a joke. I know there have been attempts at House gun control legislation but I doubt that there will ever be such a thing as as an effective Senate gun control bill.

Even the latest Supreme Court ruling on gun control is something of a sham. It actually expanded gun rights and in my view, that does little to curtail crazies intent on killing people in mass shootings getting their hands on guns.

What The United States really needs is a new gun control bill … one that has teeth … one that does some good … one that is enforceable. But I am not holding my breath to see that happen, are you really?

There are all kinds of gun control arguments out there … the Liberals want gun control laws that will save lives … the Conservatives don’t seem to give a damn whether lives are saved or not and I do not think that there are truly committed Conservative gun control advocates anywhere … not in local governments and definitely not in the Federal government.

What we need is a gun control act with some balls included in it but so far it is nowhere to be found and I doubt that there ever will be one because it is still guns that control the entirety of the American dialogue.

The Liberals want to save lives and are always advocating in favor of stricter gun control laws while, on the other hand, the majority of Conservatives are always presenting their arguments against gun controls of any kind because they have an erroneous interpretation of what the Second Amendment really means and they are so hard-headed they cannot be reasoned with.

I have often wondered, but I do not want to find out .. how some of those radical assed right wing Conservative advocates against gun control laws would feel if it were some of their loved ones getting shot up by some crazy assed mass shooter. Would that make a difference in their attitudes?

The whole gun control argument sounds crazy to me because there are countries with gun control … with strict gun control … where there are less than 3 deaths from gun violence each year. If it works for them, why would it not work for us? Why can’t our elected officials see this … understand this … is there a possibility that corruption of one kind or another might play a role? I shudder to think of such a p;possibility in the Land of the Free.

I hate feeling fear every time I decide to walk down a street, visit a park, go into a grocery store, attend a motion picture screening, visit an amusement park, go to a rally somewhere, answer my own front door at home.

Americans deserve better than this.

2 thoughts on “Gun Control News

  1. As I see it, the biggest problem is that even supposedly reasonable people, like the much-respected American bloggers chuq and Doug, do not want to give up their right to own guns. If the ‘good guys’ want to hang on to their weapons, then there is zero chance of the rednecks or gun- crazies ever giving up theirs. You are going to have to be afraid to answer your door until the day you die, John. That’s the plain truth my friend.
    Best wishes, Pete,

  2. All is spot on….until there is a conversation instead of arguments and insults this trend will continue. chuq

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