Ted Cruz On Same Sex Marriage

I am not a big fan of Texas or of any politician who hails from Texas. But I believe Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, may have recently struck a note of agreement with my way of thinking when he recently challenged the Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling on Same Sex Marriage in The United States.

Sometime around 2014 or 2015, The Supreme Court recognized same sex marriage as legitimate and constitutional and, for all purposes, made same sex marriage as legitimate, legal and acceptable as marriages between heterosexual couples.

This action by the SCOTUS invalidated the long-held traditional belief in The United States that legal and acceptable marriage consisted of a contract between one man and one woman. It was a further step in the moral fabric of the nation as far as I am concerned.

This action of the SCOTUS ….(That is sounding more and more like a sexual term to me as time goes by….”SCOTUS” vs “SCROTUM” is one way that I like to allude to the subject ….This action had the predictable result of setting those who advocated for same sex unions against the precepts of traditional American Moral Values contained in accepting true marriage as a union between one man and one woman. The tensions that grew … and are still growing … between the two factions … was and is palatable. Just another divisive factor in an ever-widening division between Americans of all walks of life in all circumstances of the same.


It was not too awfully long in the past, in America, where the act(s) of acting on the impulses pertaining to sex between partners of the same gender were universally viewed as a sexual disorder. I believe that even the pontifical hypocritical hierarchy we know as “The Catholic Church” even taught this doctrine of catechismal calamity.

I am old enough to remember when the average, everyday medical practitioner even offered to “Treat” people expressing such tendencies. I can remember the day when anyone discovered to be disposed toward such actions could be … and often were .. discharged from jobs, from social orders, from clubs, from the Military for the offence and the majority of Americans approved of these discriminatory activities without the blink of an eye. In those days being “Queer” was seen in most polite circles as a disease .. a potentially treatable disease … but a disease nonetheless.

Pardon the pun, but in the time period I am referencing here, the United States, for whatever the reason, finally put the fucks to that traditional way of thinking with one fell swoop of their pens and opened the floodgates to every kind and sort of person with homosexual tendencies to run freely into the alluring pastures of legalized same sex marriage …. complete with all the legal advantages of what were then considered to be “Normal” married couples.

There is far more information on this situation that you can read HERE if you are so inclined.

As the SCOTUS has taken this dramatic stance on Gay Marriages, it has taken the question of legality out of the hands of the Fed and placed it squarely in the hands of the individual states. What I am wondering now is what happens to those Gay Couples who have been legally married for awhile if they live in a state that chooses to outlaw their union that was legal before the SCOTUS acted as it did.

Will children who have been adopted by Gay couples now be taken away by the State and sent to the foster homes for readoption? I would never put such an egregious action against some of the crazy bastard in some of those states …particular in states dominated by Conservative majorities and most especially in Conservative states that are run by religious nut cases. I am sure that some of those would immediately decide that Jesus had no compassion at all and would break the families up without remorse or hesitation.

The whole thing is just plain sick shit! Plain sick GOP shit!

5 thoughts on “Ted Cruz On Same Sex Marriage

  1. First abortion, now same sex marriage, what’s next? We all know there will be more. They will take your country back to the 18th century, given the chance. Except they won’t be using flintlocks.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I agree sick shit! What happens between two individuals is their business and NO one has a right to interfere….no matter the reason.. Cruz is a douche and his words are feeble. chuq

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