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Inflation, which has been running rampant in the United States and around the world is starting to recover in most of the rest of the world … but it keeps on rising in the United States. Now why do you think this is?

A lot of smart people … people a lot smarter than me … which is surprising in and of itself ..LOL … believe that inflation in the USA is being purposely driven upward by the powers-that-be in Big Business who want to keep inflation high through the coming elections in order to purposely make the Biden administration and the democrats look bad.

I can definitely believe that. I can believe that because I know what big, powerful, greedy assholes are capable of doing… and in this case, I think they have the will and the means to do it! Keep on fucking the hard working American Citizens so that they can get pissed off at the democrats and vote the fascist-like GOPers into office.

Time to make it known and time to start encouraging consumers to boycott some shit in protest! If the voters can make the assholes feel it in their pocketbooks, something might change and common, ordinary Americans might have a chance to breathe again when they go to buy things they want and need.

” … Is it really possible that our largest corporations and their leaders are ripping us all off and jacking up inflation on an ongoing basis just to stick it to the Democrats and hand the GOP the reins of power in 2022 and 2024?…” (OH YEAH!) I believe it is and I believe they are working at it big time. —

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WordPress.Com tells me, “You’ve posted 3 days in a row on Liming’s Links! Keep up the good work.”

Yes I have posted 3 days in a row … in the last three days … but I have been posting on and off this site on various blogs for more than Ten years now … but thanks for noticing anyway.

Also, will somebody tell Google’s algorhythms to get off their duffs and start indexing this blog A little more often? I somehow managed to get their notice for 3 different times with this new blog but I haven’t seen anything for a long time now …

Here is how it all stacks up so far … and this is costing me $180 per year ..

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3 thoughts on “Reading Blog # 43

  1. It could be a plan…I mean Reagan got elected by such a plan by the GOP with Iran… it is very possible…..chuq

  2. Most western countries simply printed money to buy their way through the pandemic, and then pay for the aid to Ukraine. In Britain, they have a fancy name for it, ‘Quantative Easing’. The end result will be what happened in Germany in the 1930s depression, when you needed a wheelbarrow full of almost worthless cash to buy a loaf of bread, and it was cheaper to burn money than to buy coal.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I think we will see it all again. People never learn from History. They just repeat it in worse ways than it was the first time around.

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