They Iz A Sun Flar Rat-Thar!

Sun Flar

The interpretation of my back woodsy title up on top of this here blog post is, “There Is A Sun Flower Right There.” (Finger points to flower, stage right.)

Anyways … I have always appreciated Sun Flowers. In fact I have grown them to a whopping height of 7 feet tall before.

I am particular enamoured of their delicious seeds which are healthy delicacies. I can sit and munch on them for many minutes at a time. I buy my Sun Flower seeds for munching at a local health foods specialty shop.

I remember that when I was but an adventuresome child of about the age of 16, I would go out into a farmer’s field in the heat of summer days with a few friends and we would play “War” games, using stalks of Sunflowers as spears.

It is my understanding that tea can be made from Sunflowers although I have never tried it myself.

I do know that birds go crazy eating their seeds when I put them into the bird feeders.

Somebody has recently warned me that eating too many of these seeds can lead to obesity. I already have that problem.

Somebody else warned me never to eat the seeds unless they are hulled. (The outer covering is peeled away and discarded) because unhulled sunflowers have been known to puncture the intestinal tract.

I sure don’t want none of that!

2 thoughts on “They Iz A Sun Flar Rat-Thar!

  1. I don’t eat those seeds, but the birds in our garden love them!
    (They are packed with oil of course)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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