Trump’s House Of Representatives Said To Be Planning Revenge

Some of the Trump-supporting Right Wing Republicans (Repukes) in The U.S. House of Representatives are reported to be working on plans to wreak revenge on the January 6th Investigation Committee if they regain control of the House in the forthcoming elections. I found this one on the CNN site. Is there anything to see here…. really?

I have come to the conclusion (Opinion) a long time ago that anything connected to former president, Donald Trump, is going to be pretty heavily infused with a sense of vengeance and revenge for his loss of the election that swept Joe Biden into the Oval Office.

I also remember the days … now long gone …and probably never recoverable … when the President and the White House and the House of Representatives and The Senate and The Supreme Court were more interested in serving the best interests of the People of The United States than in getting revenge for their losses and in punishing people who disagree with them and their policies.

I think that the election of 2024 has a lot of potential for ushering in a new age of the most dreadful darkness ever seen by the Citizens of The United States and it appears to me that there isn’t much that anyone living in “Ordinary American” Land can do to prevent it from happening.

Of course, as smart as I am .. I am hardly ever totally correct on everything I say so maybe some kind of miracle will occur to deliver us from evil.

5 thoughts on “Trump’s House Of Representatives Said To Be Planning Revenge

  1. You are right….the American people will stand-by and let the darkness fall…..the GOP is already making plans for impeachment revenge if the win the House in 2022……dark days ahead…..very sad. chuq

    • I am hoping against hope that this Republic of ours is self-righting and that it won’t totally capsize and sink in the coming storm.

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