General Stuff For July 22, 2022

If you are interested in spending a few minutes reading generalized, mundane posts about anything and everything, then you have come to the right place. Be warned: If you stay here and read, you might learn something —– you might be entertained —– you might get pissed off (angry) because of my often virulent writing style —– or you might cream your jeans laughing because I can be a real fool sometimes.

So let us dispense with the introductory niceties and cut to the chase shall we? People who are familiar with me and with this blog already know what a creative genius I can be at times ….. sometimes prophetic ….. sometimes a congenial pain in the ass ….. but mostly loveable.

I will admit at the very beginning that I started writing this blog post because I didn’t really have anything in mind to write about and I am compelled by some kind of demon to write something on the premise that if I write it, somebody will come along and read it and they might even get something good from the experience. Now you can begin to see how vain I am. But my vanity can be forgiven because the fact is that I live in a world that is relatively on a higher plateau than most other folks ….. being an imaginary billionaire and what have you. My arrogance is justified because in my personal opinion, the positive attributes that I ascribe to myself are well earned. If you have problems believing that the just ask me and I will confirm everything that I am saying and there is no greater authority on me than myself. LOL.

Being an aficionado of creative thinking techniques, I have made what can only be described as “Outstanding” use of the eternal precepts of “Universal Law” combined with an effective (More than effective) application of the science of Morphological Analytics and created a state of linear and abstract genius that is the epitome of human self realization. If you have “Psychology 101” or any related academic achievement under your belt, you immediately understand everything I am saying to you at this point. If you are there, then congratulate yourself because you too are far above the average slugs of humanity who populate our planet, consuming resources that could be better used and breathing air that only fate sees them deserving of breathing.

Educationally I would venture to say that I possess the equivalency of several PHD-like degrees in certain areas of Psychology, Physics, Quantum Analysis, Humanities, Media, Government, Communications, Business Management, Labor Relations and a shitload of others. There is no greater surety of certainty than recognition of it in one’s self. I hope that you are on such a Life Path in your journeys for if you are, then you already know that the rewards of being in such a state are beyond compare and sometimes beyond comprehension (at first light) until your mental dimensions cohere into proper recognition …. and recognition results in control …. and the human of achievement must always be in control.

Having said all that, I must now confess that I had my beginnings just like any other bio-organism on the planet …… I started as a seed of potential that somehow germinated into a reality above even my personal dreams and ambitions and took me on a perilous journey from an embryonic state of degraded poverty, existing by some miracles, below even the bottom of the muck and mire of the world of human non-relevance … from there, through many metamorphoses to a state of sublimity that would be the envy of anyone who could even glimpse it … and then, like a fallen angel, through mismanagement of potential, back into the state where I was worth less than a piece of dung resting in a land fill under the broiling sun of self-destruction … and then, once again, through sheer will and with lessons learned, back to the top again. My Life boiled and roiled like tea in a very hot pot and today I am settled and comfortable with the center of a universe that contains very few others besides myself and a few select friends whom I have chosen because of their impeccable and most worthy admirable qualities and worth. The people I now call “Friend” are true gems of humanity and most of them have been forged in the fires much the same as I …and I treasure them all because they are special and unique and beautiful in every respect … and some of them are fellow bloggers … and they know who they are …

Some people are going to read this and say to themselves (Or to others), “This writer is one arrogant son of a bitch! Where does he get off bragging about himself as intensely as he does?” And to those people, I will say, “And who are you, and you are relevant to me why?” I have earned my arrogance, having been tried in the fire many times, thank you.

But when the rubber hits the road, I can also become the gentlest of pussycats, totally docile …purring and acquiescing and kissing ass royally … because skillful ass kissing is one of the world’s greatest stepladders to success regardless of the horde of idiots who do not wish to acknowledge the fact but who are experts at it themselves.

Politicians come to mind.

Did we have fun with this one or not?

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