January 6th Investigation

I know that the January 6th insurrection investigation committee believes that it is serving a real purpose for the advancement and preservation of our democracy in the face of what is commonly being called “The Big Lie.”

But since it is also being widely reported that as many as Two Thirds of all Republicans still believe that the 2020 election was stolen and apparently cannot be shaken from that mistaken ideation, I have to ask, “Is the work of this investigating committee going to be in vain once all the cards are counted?”

Once the Republicans manage to steal the election in 2024 — and they are well positioned to do exactly that, will we then see endless investigations trying to prove that the January 6th committee was nothing more than an extension of what the former president, Trump, often refers to as “The Great Witch Hunt?”

I know that the Right Wing loves to rewrite history so what I just proposed is what I actually believe will happen.

What is your opinion?

6 thoughts on “January 6th Investigation

  1. I would be interested in reading a “What If” article from you …but given the things that I have heard about Trump and his plans for 2024, we are in for another massive squabble about unfair elections that might keep the legitimate results of said election tied up for months …. and if that happens I am looking for his packed Supreme Court to award the win to him just like happened with George Bush when Florida was supposed to be the deciding factor…That was the first time in my life that the SCOTUS went against the will of the people and handed the victory to bush. Now we have a Trump-packed SCOTUS that I believe is primed to do the same thing again but for Old Donald this time around.

    • It will be horrendous .. just like an old Russian Purge .. and the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers and others of their kind will have been deputized as the right wing president’s personal enforcement group …just like the old KGB .. and people deemed to be undesirable by the fascist powers that be will be dragged from their homes and sometimes summarily executed in the streets as a lesson to all. And all of this carnage will be justified by that part of the presidential oath that obligates the president to protect the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. These scenarios are no longer Orwellian dreams of fiction but have now been set in motion and the foundation for the dark regime has already been laid.

        • Cancer that bubbles and boils beneath the surface is the most dangerous kind. I feel we will see more of them in 2024 when Trump contests the election again …unless he wins it … which he just might do … and if that happens, I believe those militias will have found a happy home nestled under his ever-adoring wing. He might even find them jobs in his new administration … after he gets finished with firing the 50,000 public servants now protected in their jobs by law … a law he will repeal … as he replaces the entire administration with his loyalists. That is when the S will really hit the fan.

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