Is The Media Lying About Ukraine?

As the war in Ukraine grinds on I am always impressed by how the media is always reporting on Ukraine’s victories against the Russians and talking about the massive losses the Russians are suffering, but never seems to quite explain how, in spite of all the devastation the Ukrainians are visiting the Russian war machine, the Russians continue to grab more and more of Ukraine’s territory.

My question is, “If the Ukrainians are kicking so much Russian military ass, how is it that Russia keeps on conquering more and more of Ukraine’s territory? Something does not quite add up in my understanding of what is happening over there.

So are the Western Media reporting only the things that their CEOs and stock holders want to hear or are they telling us the truth about what is happening?

I often hear reports that American Citizens are slowly losing their faith in what the general Media is reporting to them and when I hear things like that I have to conclude that where there is smoke there must be fire of some degree.

Are we hearing “Propaganda” designed to keep America’s faith in the Ukrainian cause pumped so that taxpayers will remain willing to send more billions of dollars worth of assistance to the ever-more-victorious brave Ukrainian defenders of their democracy or is there another side to the story that we are not hearing?

I am always hearing our American Media making the claim that Russia is slowly losing their war against Ukraine. Is that true or is Ukraine slowly losing their war to Russia?

One thing is certain … I am not about to believe anything that the Russian Media is saying about this war or about anything else for that matter because Russia has no such thing as freedom of speech and the state controls their media with a devastating stranglehold, so the only thing they can talk about is how Russia is bigger and badder than Ukraine and how their “Military Operation” is proceeding as planned.

Is it safe for me to say then that when there is a war, nobody can really believe anything that is being said by either side of a conflict? Is it natural and customary for both sides of a conflict to lie about everything all the time so as to confuse the enemy and keep them off guard and off balance? Is everything we are hearing from either side of this thing nothing more or less than “Propaganda?”

I think we can be pretty safe in admitting that the Media does get some things right. For example, we know that Russia invaded Ukraine … no contest there. The whole world knows it. —– We know that Russian missiles are killing Ukrainian civilians, even though the Kremlin denies it. —– The Russians are reportedly saying the same things about Ukraine as Ukraine is saying about them.

But are we hearing only what is convenient for somebody to report to us? Are there truths that are being suppressed for some reason? Are truths being rewritten before being released to make them sound better or more horrible than they actually are? Wouldn’t that be enough to sell more newspapers or more advertisements on TV stations?

I have fellow blogger friends who insist that the Russo/Ukrainian war is all about money anyway so doesn’t it stand to reason that somebody somewhere might be offering a Media construct designed down to the minutest detail to present this war in such a manner as to maximize profits from it to everyone involved?

Finally let me ask this question about Media “Truthfulness.” — “Will we get more truth if we intentionally listen to foreign Media such as BBC or DW or some of those?

6 thoughts on “Is The Media Lying About Ukraine?

  1. All you would get from the BBC is that Ukraine is good, and Russia is bad. Zelensky is ‘brave’, and Putin is ‘evil’. It is the ‘Western Agenda’ to combat Russian propaganda, and justify the countless billions spent on aid and weapons to Ukraine
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The MSM is propaganda…..Look at who owns the media….pretty much the same people that make arms….2 and 2 thing…..Some Reps are calling for advisers for Ukraine….look and see who ‘donates’ to their campaign… is as always about money…nothing else matters….definitely not democracy. chuq

    • Are you talking about “Boots On The Ground” advisors the same as we had in Vietnam? Wouldn’t that be a precursor to a wider troop commitment? Wouldn’t that put us in direct conflict with Russia? Are those “Reps” that you mentioned right wing asswads or left wing asswads?

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