Mass Shooters Will Rejoice

If you think mass shootings in The United States have been exciting, just wait until you see what the gun manufacturers are now releasing into the public’s hands.

I am sure that when the nutwads who are sex-dreaming about mass shootings hear about this new development, they will be draining from their private parts with gallons of pre-emissions.

How about an AR-15-like automatic rifle that is twice as powerful and that can shoot right through any kind of body armor that is out there?

Well, folks, it is here … and it could be coming to a neighborhood near your own in the very near future … so get another bucket load of those “Thoughts and Prayers” that the cowards in congress love to send out to victims ready because I believe that a new and more horrendous hell is about to descend on innocent Americans than ever before in the history of the nation. Read More Here. If this news doesn’t make you afraid to leave your house then nothing ever will.

2 thoughts on “Mass Shooters Will Rejoice

  1. As I said to chuq when he posted about this, I believe it could be the fastest-selling new rifle in America’s history. And it will make SWAT teams reluctant to tackle anyone armed with one. It should be outlawed immediately.
    Best wishes,Pete.

    • It will give those who purchase it a false sense of security and if they act out upon that false sense of security they are going to get themselves killed….In some cases that might not be such a bad outcome.

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