Will indicting Trump save democracy, or hurt it?

I do not believe that Trump will ever be indicted at all for anything because up until this point, he has never been charged with anything and all the so-called evidence being given at the January 6th Investigating Committee seems to me to have been hearsay or circumstantial so far.

But wait, there is more:

I want to propose my own conspiracy theory at this point.

Have you noticed that the chair person of the investigating committee is assisted by Liz Chaney, a Republican, who served under the Trump administration for most of the time he was in office and who was reportedly “On board” with many of the decisions Trump made as president?

Have you also noticed … and I could be wrong about this …most of the witnesses who have been called by that committee so far have been Republicans?

So what is my new conspiracy theory?

My new conspiracy theory, which I thought up all by myself, is that the idea of a January 6th Investigation Committee was the brainchild of somebody in the Trump organization and that the intent of whoever thought of the idea of such a committee in the first place was to go through all the motions of seeking evidence for wrongdoing and that, in the end, they will find nothing admissible, and that there will be no indictment of the former president and he can then boast that he was investigated as thoroughly as anyone could ever be investigated and the investigators didn’t come up with a single thing that he ever did wrong …

And once all that takes place, the former president and all his followers will feel justified and exonerated and he will feel energized and emboldened to run for the office again in 2024 with greater chances of winning again than ever before.

2 thoughts on “Will indicting Trump save democracy, or hurt it?

  1. The great question John…..Personally I think it needed to e done but in the end Trump will win out no matter which way it goes. chuq

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