It Was The Media That Made Trump;

What was Donald J. Trump before he entered the political arena in a serious manner?
He was a rich New York real estate developer with a lavish lifestyle and a flamboyant showmanship that always caught the attention of the Media-watching Public. He was, if nothing else, entertainment for the masses!

Many people who heard him proclaim his candidacy for the Presidency of The United States looked at his whole “Presidential” aspiration as a joke!

I am here to argue, today, that had the Media not given Trump shitloads of attention for long periods of time. he might not have ever become President of The United States. Basically, “Joe Voter” didn’t really know Trump at all before the Media blitzes began elevating him into the view of the general population.

It seems to me like once Trump had shown political ambitions, the Media began competing with each other to see who could give him the most coverage on their outlets — They began spinning a web of glamour, intrigue and excitement around his every move …They began molding and shaping him into a hyper-celebrity …and because of the frantic race by the Media to “Out Trump” each other, they actually “Created” the monstrosity that morphed into the image of Trump as we know him today.

I will never believe anything else other than it was the Media who is totally and directly responsible for getting Trump ….. a person who reportedly had little or no knowledge of how government runs … or how policies are made … elected as President of The United States.

Now I believe, once you understand what I have just written here, you will also begin to understand why it is that the American Media is less trusted today than ever before in the history of the nation.

5 thoughts on “It Was The Media That Made Trump;

  1. The media can manipulate the public very easily, and promoting celebrities beyond their capabilities probably has an agenda behind the scenes. Trump did The Apprentice TV show for fifteen seasons on TV, and that alone was enough to make him a household name.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I think it is time to organize a special congressional committee to investigate the Media and see who is enemies of the Republic and who is not.

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