Voters Are Mad Enough To Take It Out On Democrats In The Mid Terms.

Run away inflation ….. the ongoing problems with the pandemics ….. The war in Ukraine …..Crime in the streets ….. Endless mass shootings ….. All kinds of polls are showing that Americans are fed up with all the shit they have been suffering in the past few years and they are blaming the Democrats …. and they are reported to be ready to take their anger out on the Democrats come election time.

Of course those voters who act on their intestinal distresses rather than on their intellect have no idea that if they let the Republicans take over The House of Representatives, The Senate and the Oval Office, they are setting the stage for the end of democracy in the United States and for the rise of a fascist-style Radical Republican regime that is even at this very minute taking form within the legislatures of several Red States, in rogue elements already embedded in the Congress and in the shadow government already being designed and ready to hit the road running through the efforts of Trump and his acolytes.

There is even more to this unfolding nightmare: Read More Here. We are trending near unto some mighty dark and dangerous waters and people had better smell the roses and wake the hell up before it is too damned late.

4 thoughts on “Voters Are Mad Enough To Take It Out On Democrats In The Mid Terms.

  1. What best for the pocketbook is a short term fix and the country will suffer….but that does not seem to matter. chuq

    • It is a “Let them eat cake” sort of thing … Keep the gladiators battling each other so that the mob can be entertained and remain unaware of what the crooks are doing.

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