Worth The Reading If You Love Freedom

QUOTE: ” …There is only one way out of this. The only way out of this outcome is that the November midterms are the final referendum on whether America truly stays America and a democracy or if it becomes a fascist dictatorship. If the Democrats lose the House and the Senate, then it is all over. There may never be another free and fair election in America. If the Republicans take control, we may be teetering on the edge of an American dictatorship….”END QUOTE. (read It All Right Here.)

6 thoughts on “Worth The Reading If You Love Freedom

  1. We have a national motto that says “In God We Trust.” I think it is about time that we all look to Him for a way our of this current mess because it is obvious to anyone with half a brain that the mortals in charge are fucking everything up royally.

    • I would say. I think the mood of the voting public is trending toward being suicidal insofar as preserving our democracy is concerned. I fear they are ready to throw it all away and to try authoritarianism for a change.

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