Prisoner Swap and High Interest Rates

So President Biden is proposing a prisoner swap in order to get two Americans being held by the Russians released. So what happens if Putin agrees to release the two Americans only on the condition that America stop supplying weapons to Ukraine? Trump reportedly thinks that Putin is a very smart man. Isn’t what I just wrote here something that a very smart man might do?

The Fed thinks it can put a damper on runaway inflation by raising interest rates. I have heard this before and the last time they tried to dampen inflation by a slurry of interest rate increases, it threw the country into not one, but two successive recessions. Why do they think raising interest rates won’t have the same effect this time around?

Human nature tells me that now that greedy merchants have gotten a taste of the profits they can make from inflating prices, they are not about to back off …unless they get stuck with shit loads of excess merchandise they can’t move. If that happens, they will cave … for a little while …until things straighten out in their inventories …. and then they will be right back at sucking the lifeblood out of consumers ….and inflation will be here to stay.

7 thoughts on “Prisoner Swap and High Interest Rates

  1. We have two British citizens sentenced to death by Russia for fighting for Ukraine. (They have called the ‘Mercenaries’) They are held captive in the Donbas Region. So far, our government is refusing to negotiate their release, and has said that they knew the chances they were taking by going to fight in that war.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Interests rates make markets surge….and that was the only reason….The trade is interesting I will wait on the terms before I go 0off…..Be well my friend chuq

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