The Joys Of Old Fashioned Lye Soap

I find that modern mass-produced bath soap (often referred to as “Beauty Bars”) do not satisfy me in the least although millions of Americans swear by them and use them every day.

I have recently discovered a source for independently-produced, old-fashioned lye soap that is made from nothing more than food-grade lye, lard or tallow and water and nothing else …. no added petroleum masked as “Skin Softeners,” no harsh chemicals (The lye used in the lye soap is completely used up in the manufacturing process leaving nothing but a very mild bar of soap), no annoying “Fragrances” — nothing but pure soap just like Great Great Grandfather must have used..

After showering with this soap ….. which can also be used for shaving ….. I feel cleaner than I have felt in ages and the soap rinses cleanly and leaves absolutely no soap scum or residue behind.

Since the action of the lye in the product causes the release of a lot of natural glycerine into the finished product, this soap is as skin-softening as anything I have ever used. I will never buy a cosmetic lotion again as long as I can access this wonderful soap.

Before purchasing this product, I did a lot of shopping.

There are a lot of people out there these days making and selling lye soap but far too many of them (In my opinion) are ruining their product by including things like shea butter and fragrances in their products. Shea butter in a soap always leaves me feeling greasy once I am finished showering. I cannot tolerate feeling greasy.

Of course I am not “Prescribing” lye soap with this blog post; I am bragging about it because I happen to think it is one of the best things to come down the road since rubber tires and toothbrushes. I would suggest that anyone thinking about trying lye soap for themselves should communicate their idea to their personal dermatologist, physician, or other duly licensed and recognized professional.

I got my soap off eBay but Amazon has a lot of people who make this stuff and of course, there are several vendors who make it and sell it at flea markets and other such places. It is not hard to find.

I find this item to be one of life’s little pleasures.

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  1. I have to use additive-free soap as I have a skin condition (Pityriasis Rosea) that reacts to chemical additives and perfumed soaps. I buy a cheap product sold here, called Simple Soap, and that works really well.
    (It also softens the hard water here)
    Best wishes,Pete.

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