Have You Heard Republicans Use The Word, “Woke?”

Have you ever wondered what a Right Winger means when he or she says that something or someone is “Woke? Have you ever wondered what that means and why it is such a favorite term among modern day Republicans?

The term woke has been used to describe someone who is aware of social injustices and actively working to change them.

Now I can never understand why a good, moral, upstanding “Christian” Republican could ever stand against anyone who is aware of social injustices and is actively working to overcome them.

The only reason I can think of for a Republican to dislike “Woke” people so much is because Republicans, in general, talk a lot about solving the problem of injustice while, at the same time, work their asses off to produce injustice as part of almost everything their filthy hands touch.

Some Republicans have recently adopted the term “woke” in order to mock liberals and their social justice activism. This is a sign that they are increasingly feeling defensive about what they perceive as liberal attacks on their values.

And if you look hard at the reality of the modern Radical Republican Values system, you will soon come to understand just how un-woke it is and how much against normal humanitarian concepts it actually has become.

Republicans don’t seem to give a damned anymore about anything or anybody except themselves … and the richer they are, the more concentrated on themselves and their own interests they have become regardless of what their appetites and ambitions do to harm other people.

Even the Republicans who are lower on the social and economic totem poles than their fellows will always lick the boots and kiss the asses of their Republican “Betters” always hoping (In vain) to get a bigger piece of the pie.

My own father was a die-hard Republican all his life, struggling away and slaving at low paying jobs without any help at all from his Republican taskmasters who were perfectly happy to keep him in that depressed state.

But even my Dad had a sense of “Woke” that, if the Republicans ever found out about it, would shove him either further down into the shithole of poverty that they loved to keep him in. My Dad knew injustice all his life because he made the choice to serve the idols of Republicanism and in the end they used him up and threw him away when he could no longer function.

My Dad was so familiar with injustice because he lived it at the hands of the masters of injustice, the blankety-blank pricks calling themselves “Christian” and “Republican.”

Some Republicans have recently adopted the term “woke” in order to mock liberals and their social justice activism. This is a sign that they are increasingly feeling defensive about what they perceive as liberal attacks on their values.

The fact is, when you look closely, the Republicans have only “Values” that serve their own selfishness … plain and simple … doesn’t get any more complicated than that … end of story .. period! They wouldn’t know a “Christian” value if it smacked them in the ass!

Oh I admit that they put on a show. They show themselves outwardly as clean as pins, innocent as the driven snow, as righteous as God Himself, but inwardly they are rotten to the core and their every action in Congress or wherever they hold office shows it quickly.

I want to get this idea I am writing about explained so that even a person with half a brain can understand it thoroughly.

The meaning of the word woke has changed over time. It was first used as a slang term for being aware of social injustices and speaking up about them. It was also originally used to describe people who are not asleep or ignorant to what is happening in society. However, recently it’s been used as a weapon against others in derision by those who oppose social justice and equality movements.

That kind of explains the actions of some of the new breed of right wingers we have gotten into office somehow …The new breed of Republican hates “Woke” because they are both asleep and ignorant to what is going on in the society around them …. because they have created their own conspiratorial fantasy world … their own personal parallel universe, if you will … their own demented reality …and so, naturally, they detest the good that “Woke” stands for because intrinsically they are evil … they are filled with darkness and light cannot penetrate that darkness.

The sad part is that they are doing their best to drag all the rest of our society down to their level and because of voter apathy in this country, they just damned well might do it this time.

2024 is going to be critical to the survival of America as a nation.

More people need to become more “Woke” and start caring about other people and about the injustices that the right wing crooks in Washington and elsewhere are trying to shove down all our throats.

3 thoughts on “Have You Heard Republicans Use The Word, “Woke?”

  1. ‘Woke’ has become an insult in every English-speaking country. Almost always used by a right-winger when he/she has no good answer to liberal or left-wing policies and arguments.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I have always been “woke”….I also have been called much worse over my years…..none mean anything to me and illustrates the level of mental capacity the user has…..but if it makes them feel better then by all means knock yourself out. chuq

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