Inflation and Suffering Americans

Before I hear another person cry into my ear about how hard they are having it because of inflation, I want to say, “There are plenty of us Americans who have had it far too easy for far too long and we have somehow managed to get a feeling of “Entitlement” and a lot of us are too damned fat from being pampered and cared for for years on end and a lot of us could afford to tighten our belts a lot … and we would still get by nicely.

Sorry to be such a dick about it, folks, but I get tired of people who have had pretty much everything all their lives bitching and moaning when times get a little tight and they feel forced to give up a few of their treasured personal private instant gratifications.

I hear that some people are even expressing concerns about “Surviving” this current economic mess that we are all in. When I hear that, I hear whoever says it saying that they feel like their very life is threatened because they might have to give up one of their three automobiles or they might have to take Junior out of some of the expensive Karate classes or they might have to cook a meal at home for a change instead of going out to “The Expensive Table Cafe” for some drinks and a $35 steak.

My old man used to tell me that if I didn’t eat the last bean on my dinner plate that some poor little boy in Africa would starve. I didn’t cause many little boys in Africa to starve because sometimes those beans that daddy was talking about …. along with a raw onion and a hunk of cornbread, was the only thing we had for our evening meal. We were rats ass poor but somehow we managed to make it … we never starved … we might have lost a few pounds of body fat that we never needed to begin with, but we never starved.

Up until July 28, 2022. most Americans have had it easy compared to people in other countries … especially in some Third World countries. In some of those places, not a day passes but what some kid somewhere is scrounging through garbage cans looking for a little something to eat… something that somebody else has thrown away. Why hell, folks, you don’t even have to go to a Third World country to see that …. I have seen that happening in the old slums of places like St. Louis, Mo., and Cincinnati, Ohio.

I remember when those trainloads of vegetables used to pull in at the station on Market Street in Cincinnati and immediately there would be dozens of poor people from the slums descending on the tracks to pick up the vegetables that would fall out of the train cars onto the ground. That was a common sight back in the day. And nobody cared.

When times were hard, back in the late 1970s, when I was out on the streets, having gone bankrupt, I myself resorted to grabbing fully-wrapped sandwiches that a fast food restaurant had thrown into their dumpster. I did this and so did a lot of the other guys out on the streets with no place to go. We did it until the restaurant discovered what we were doing and poured bleach all over the sandwiches in the dumpster so that they were rendered inedible. Bastards!

Pampered Americans could never even dream of ever resorting to things like I have been describing here. But I am thinking that if this recession gets a lot worse, there will be a few million Americans who once took their cushy lifestyle for granted will do that and even worse than that.

Right now, as I write this blog post, I can guarantee you that a lot of people, once enjoying the free-wheeling Middle Class American Lifestyle (Steady job, money in the bank, vacations once a year, three kids and a dog, own their own home, have three cars in the garage …you know the type) — I can guarantee you that a lot of those folks who once thought they had it made went down to the free food place today and filled their van up with food from a local charity.

I also think I can guarantee you that if they did go get that free food, they will not be bragging about it but they will be bitching about having to go get it because they don;t want to admit that it was their free-wheeling, irresponsible spending ways that caused them to get where they are today.

The God-damned Right Wingers in Radical Republicanism ought to be jerking off with joy over the recession because when things get tight, they will have ample opportunity to prove their idea that smaller government is better government and that nobody should have to get handouts from anybody in a true democracy. But I will also bet you that those same loud-mouth right wing idiots will be first in line at the food give away too. Hypocrites!

I knew some people were getting what was coming to them when I heard some old bag complaining that she had to sell her gold jewelry in order to pay the rent on her expensive apartment because of the inflation. Gold fucking jewelry? Who in the hell has enough gold jewelry to be able to sell it and get enough out of it to pay the rent on an expensive assed apartment? That, in my opinion, is one example of the excesses that Americans have been feeling privileged to go to … but now they are being forced to tighten their belts and they are bitching about it … when they brought most of it on themselves with their “Spend-Like-There-Is-No-Tomorrow” ways.

Not to worry, folks …when you vote your entitlement-cutting Republicans back into power in 2024 and they cut your social security and your medicaid and your medicaid and when they shut down all the welfare programs … which is what Republicans always cream their jeans in their dreams about doing … things will get one helluva lot worse than they are right now!

Yeah, folks, those beloved Radical Right Wing Republicans that you love so much will take good care of you with their policies of, “It is every individual’s duty to provide for themselves without any government interference” — They will make sure there are no programs to help you out when you lose everything you own because of inflation or depression or what ever.

Won’t that be peachy keen?

6 thoughts on “Inflation and Suffering Americans

  1. It is interesting that access to the Internet, use of a mobile phone, and owning a laptop, tablet, or computer are now conisdered to be ‘essentials’ over here. The price of an Internet connection contract is even included in our retail price index, which estimates the minimum amount needed for ‘normal life’ in 2022.
    I would be happy with eggs on toast and reading a book, if that was all there was.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Interesting….that feeling of entitlement will sink them every time…..people will find a way to survive or die… beans and bread will do find……chuq

    • Beans I can understand but the day will come when bread will be unattainable for less than a million dollars per loaf. The bread will be named “New Reichs Brot Heißt

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