July 30, 2022 On Purpose

File this under “Personal Blog.”

Having retired some years ago from the pressure cooker of high-style business life, I fell into a number of habits … some good …some not so good … some exciting …. some boring as hell.
Writing a blog is one of the releases that I enjoy even though my efforts do not gain much audience participation, I am blessed with a few dear and faithful friends and that is reward enough for me …. even though I might bitch and moan a lot wishing that more people would join me in this literary adventure.

Being a retired executive, some of the accumulated pressures of life in my business world have kept their claws embedded in certain parts of my non-physical biological anomaly … like nasty little demons who love to hang on ….like some people I once knew …LOL …. but the exercise of my more-than-admirable intellectual capabilities through the medium of blogging is … a good stress reliever …not as good as sex, of course, but good enough. And as for the latter, I am not all that inclined toward those kinds of physical releases anymore because, for one reason, I am getting too damned old to care about such things anymore. LOL.

So if I write a blog about myself, is it true that people will actually read it? The experts seem to think so …. so, here I am!

I will be happy enough to just share my thoughts and to connect with other people who might think in ways similar to the ways I think … but that is going to be a difficult call because the way I think is complex … very complex … almost as complex as the universe created through the practice of the principles of morphological analytics. But if there are brothers and sisters out there in the blogger universe who are somewhat akin to my eccentric manifestations of mental imagery and my somewhat surreal concepts …. then welcome aboard!

I will bare my soul looking for other people who share at least a modicum of my mindset or people who might enjoy the things that I have to say or who just enjoy the way that I do express myself. The exclamation, “Do you ever read what that crazy bastard has to say?” in reference to myself by others will be treated with the deepest honor and highest respect because it will have hit who I am on the head like a hammer hits a nail … and it will please me to the point of my having a fit of shivers of pleasure running along my spine and out my ears … or my ass .. whichever is affected the most by the sensation. LOL.

I am not going to sell anything on this blog and I damned well am not going to blog in order to make money from it because I am somewhat overloaded with money as it is. I just want to get my voice out there because I am, among other things, vain as hell …and I need a lot of attention and stroking …so now that we have gotten the purest form of honesty out of the way … let us move on.

The biggest honor I can think of about being a blogger is that if I were able to connect with a whole bunch of people who share some degree of some of my attitudes and opinions about things and who would, in turn, tell their friends, family and associates about me … and they too would read my blog … well if that happens I am going to be in dog heaven, I will tell you that much.

A lot of my personality these days is tied up in political blogging and I know that people get tired of hearing all the political shit going on all the time, everywhere they look or bend their ears … but when something sounds or looks to me like it is important, the I am going to wax political just to relieve the pressures off myself but also maybe to connect with somebody else who sees things the same way … or even a similar way . .. because we are all in this thing together, friends, and we need to be pulling for each other instead of fighting each other.

As a political type, I travel many and varied roads …sometimes I am Liberal as hell … other times I find things that Conservatives have to say that seem helpful or interesting … a lot of the time I try to be centrist or “Middle of The Road” but that is getting harder and harder to do in today’s severely-divided and most contentious world. The one thing I am not is a conspiracy nut. I do like to play with conspiracies sometimes to see where they might lead me … and I will comment on them from time to time …. and I might even invent on once in awhile …but for the most part, I think conspiracy theories and the people who think conspiracies are straight out of the Mouth of God are crazier than Hell … and I stay away from them as much as I can … even thought I admit that some of them are intriguing from time to time. (That is one of the reasons that I am fond of reading Tabloid newspapers …. Tabloids really are better, sometimes than just something to wipe an ass with.

If you have been around me for any length of time, you will already have read some of what I just wrote and if you have not been around me for any length of time then maybe I have said something you will find to be interesting … or at worse, something that might have offended you enough to make you think about a few things

In any case I thank you for your attention and now I am going to post this blog and be utterly amazed as I look at my blog statistics page and discover that at least one or two other bloggers have already “Liked” this post even though there is no way in hell that they would have had the time to actually read it before they hit that “Like” button. I am still trying to figure out what it is that they get from being so attached to the idea that they absolutely must hit the like button the second my post appears. Even I am not fast enough to do that!

2 thoughts on “July 30, 2022 On Purpose

  1. Connecting with others in the blogging community is a real bonus, John. But there really is no ‘golden rule’. They either connect, or they don’t. It is much like a lottery, my old friend.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I didn’t win the Billion dollar lottery last night either… that sucks … of course I kind of knew I wouldn’t … but what would I do with it? Winning that thing would be a pain in the tush. It would mean having to get lawyers and financial planners and tax experts all over again .. I have been down that road …I am happy with what I’ve got .. I don’t even know why I bought the ticket …Maybe it is an age thing.

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