July 30th Nutshell


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July 30, 2022 —– I got up this morning and had a big bacon and egg breakfast.

I always buy the thick cut bacon and I used Three slices of it this morning along with Three scrambled eggs and coffee and that was the entire meal. It came out to about 500 calories all together and kept me fully satiated until lunch time.

This kind of breakfast is high in protein and it seems to help me curb my overactive appetite and I definitely need to curb my appetite because I am what the medical folks call “Obese.”

I know that I am overweight according to all the available medical charts but I have always said that those “Medical Charts” are written for the average person and do not address the needs of everybody who draws breath.

I packed on a lot of muscle in my lifetime from lifting weights on a regular basis so my fat to lean ratio is different from some other folks. I wish that medical professionals would treat patients as individual cases with different individual needs rather than lumping as many people as possible under a protocol that is supposed to serve the needs of everybody. Of course these may be just my suspicions … I am not a doctor or a nurse or any other kind of healthcare practitioner …I am just talking gut feelings here.

Basically I am very solidly built and I can draw my stomach in to the point that it is actually not easy to “Pinch That Inch” that a lot of people use to determine their amount of fatness with. I am also in good shape to power walk and to do calisthenics and to lift light weights and to workout on gymnasium machines … so I do not see a problem with my weight … but it does bug me and I am constantly fighting to lose weight.

Maybe I am not supposed to lose weight. But I think at age 84, being 240 pounds is a little much even though it is mostly rock hard solid.

Anyway, that was breakfast.

The weather outside was a little on the cooler side today so I took advantage of it and went walking around a couple of city blocks.

Later on in the day, I also went to the local Walmart store and bought myself a pair of steel-toed work shows … low cut work shoes with slip resistant soles. I need the slip resistant soles so that I can walk with a lot of confidence on some of those much-too-shiny and slick floors that you now find in places like retail stores and hospitals.

While out and about today, I noticed that a lot of people ….. too many people …. were not wearing their face masks and I thought that this was unfortunate since we are now in the midst of a new outbreak of the Covid-19 BA-5 variant. This variant is the most contagious variant yet and the cases are rising very rapidly where I live.

I have had all my vaccinations and booster shots against covid 19 but the scientists say that even though people have all their shots and their boosters, they can still get this BA-5 variant and worse than that, people can get it over and over again. The scientists assure us, however, that having the shots and the boosters does go a long way toward keeping people out of hospitals and morgues. That is enough for me. I am a believer.

At about 2:00 PM this afternoon, I turned on all the air conditioners in the house and took my Two Hour daily siesta nap. Some people tell me that taking naps is not a good idea; that it robs me of needed sleep at night, but I have never been a good night sleeper anyway. I awake at different hours throughout the night. Sometimes I wake having to go to the bathroom. I guess a lot of old people have to do that. But generally speaking, I do get enough rest and waking a few times each night does not seem to bother me.

My doctor gave me permission to eat a magnesium gummie before bed time because it is supposed to help me relax and to get more needed rest. It works for me. I am not suggesting that you or anyone else take these things …. but if you are thinking about it, it is imperative, it is critically important that you speak to your own doctor before doing anything like that.

Dinner today was chili con carne over spaghetti. I made the chili from a recipe that I found on You Tube and I have to tell you that I thought this recipe was absolutely amazing and totally delicious. In case you are interested, you can see the recipe HERE.

That is about all that happened to me today. I hope that YOU had a good day too.

9 thoughts on “July 30th Nutshell

  1. I don’t often weigh myself, but I am usually around 172 pounds. As I am only 5 feet 7 tall, that makes me a little ‘chubby’. But I don’t worry too much about that, and neither should you my friend. Our days of worrying about our weight are behind us now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I was thinking the same thing when it dawned on me that other than having the extra weight, I am more or less fit as a fiddle. I should be more grateful for that.

  2. My breakfast was country ham, eggs, grits with red-eye gravy wheat toast…..my last doctor’s visit I had lost 1 pound….down to 198….nights here a it cooler but days still in high 90s+…..that is about it….be well my friend chuq

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