Who Are America’s Propaganda Masters?

The Conservatives accuse the Liberals of being the propaganda masters in The United States and the Liberals accuse the Conservatives. Who is guilty, who is innocent, who is right and who is wrong … and does it matter at all?

The Conservatives like to compare the Liberal’s use of the Media to old-style Soviet Propaganda and the Liberals often compare Conservative Media methods of twisting the news to the tactics and antics of Joseph Goebbels’ German propaganda machine during the Hitler reign.

Anyone who watches the world with any amount of common sense can see these two factions at war with each other over their complaints of “Propaganda” in the Media, accusing one another of trying to control the minds of their readers and listeners in order to brainwash them to their own individual agendas.

It is an ongoing struggle between the media giants of the opposing parties and it does little to enhance American confidence in the Media … regardless of which side is involved.

Everybody in the Media usually gets around to accusing their competitors on the other side of the political fence of engaging in a barrage of denial, deception and misinformation.

This blather and rattle often forces concerned citizens who have honest intent in their hearts to seek out alternative Media sources …. and this can be just as confusing and unsettling as anything.

Right now, because America is traditionally more Leftist, more Liberal in nature than the right wing or Conservative factions, the general Media is more or less controlled by Leftists .. and has been for a long long time now. So in many respects, it is true that the views and opinions expressed on generally available and dominant Media resources reflect that Liberal bias because the is, traditionally, what most Americans have wanted and that is what they have supported, for the most part, for the past two hundred or so years.

But there is a rising right wing in the country now and the Conservative Media outlets have started broadcasting their own ideas of what they think the American People should be seeing and hearing in the Media — and unfortunately I believe that most of what many in the Conservative Media are putting out there for consumers is “Created” facts designed to entice their audiences to live, willingly, in an alternate universe … a universe devoid of facts but bulging with false promises …and I believe that the modern Conservative Media is also working on a plan to enforce violence and hatred between opposing political camps ….and they are doing this while accusing the Liberal Media of doing the same things.

Everyone already knows how the former president enhanced the idea of everything being said by the Liberal side as “Fake News” but so far as I can tell, nobody has realized that much of what the Conservative Media is broadcasting and printing is even “Faker” news that what the Liberal media is presenting.

The end result of all this confusion is that ordinarily decent, honest, hard-working and sincere Americans who have swallowed the lies, misdirection, misconceptions, deceptions and verbal defecations of the Conservative Media are no longer capable of hearing Truth and will actually refuse to pay attention to Liberal Media. These folks will deny the truth of any situation with a fanatical fervor.

One prime example of what I am talking about is this: You encounter a true believer in Conservatism and you try to engage them in a conversation about whether or not the election of 2020 was stolen or not and they will insist, without any evidence to the contrary, and based entirely on what they have heard their right wing propaganda masters that “It sure was stolen, buddy!” — and they are not about to change their minds no matter how much evidence to the contrary comes to light.

Another example is this one: Try to tell some right wingers that it was Trump supporters invading the Capitol on January 6th (The insurrection) and they will insist, with the straightest of faces, that there was no insurrection, that the entire event was peaceful, that no one present at the insurrection was armed and that the troublemakers were all members of Antifa and that any Trump supporters who happened to be on the scene that fateful day were innocent as the driven snow.

And many such people believe this right wing horse shit strongly enough that they are willing to come to blows in any argument to the contrary.

They have absolutely no idea that their right wing puppeteers are leading them straight into a newly-minted and horrific fascist style reality and they will tell you outright that Liberalism is leading us all into a totally “Communist” reality.

This is how America is divided these days and I see no clear path forward to the place where we can ever agree among the parties again.

I think it will take a cataclysm of historic proportions to heal America’s divide ever again.

3 thoughts on “Who Are America’s Propaganda Masters?

  1. Trump used social media to cause a sharp increase in the divisions in American society, John. It might take a lifetime to heal those, if that is ever possible. His legacy could well be the eventual break-up of the United States.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Social media to answer your question….then echoed in the side the buys the BS. Corporate media is not left or right….they just want to control what we think and say. and since 1992 have done a good job……chuq

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