Bold New Moves

I have been messing with the CSS on this blog in an attempt to get it to look more like I want it to look and I am wondering if I have been successful or if I have messed the whole thing up.

For example: Is the Line underneath the main blog title centered well under the main title or is it way off to either the left or the right of the main title? I am talking about the line that says, “My Opinions And Questions About Everything.”

I have attempted to reduce the width of the paragraphs on the blog and I have tried to move the paragraphs of blog posts more to the center of the page for easier reading. I am wondering if my readers see this as having been successful or if the entire thing is all over the page?

I have tried to make the headline over each blog post rest comfortable above the individual posts with the left hand side of the headline lined up with the left hand side of the individual blog posts. I hoped that worked out too.

Finally, I am hoping that in adjusting the placement of all these elements, I have not caused the blog posts or the headlines or any of the rest of it to collide with or overlap onto the right hand sidebar.

If I have been successful in all these areas and if the blog is easy to read and not confusing to the eye then I will be a happy camper.

Can someone tell me if I have been successful or if I should return all the elements on the page to their original positions?

Thank you for your help.

Gratefully yours,


ALRIGHT, I APOLOGIZE PROFUSELY — None of it worked. It threw the ability of smart phones to read the blog completely off. It worked on desktops and tablets but it totally got wrecked on smart phones. I am so sorry I wasted your time with this post … I have returned the whole thing to normal again.

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    • CSS is the art of using code to produce words, images and placement of items on the blogs …For example … if you go into the “Appearance” section of your blog, you will see something called, “Additional CSS.” If you open “Additional CSS” you will find a place where you can enter the following code and make the typeface on your blog darker … The code is: p {
      color: #000
      If you know how to use this feature, you can do all kinds of interesting things with it.

  1. Thanks Sound Eagle .. I have returned the entire layout to the way it was. I guess it is not wise to mess with the layout.

  2. Dear John,

    “My Opinions And Questions About Everything” does not centre around the main title “About Me”. It is about half an inch to the left. Furthermore, it is much better to keep “My Opinions And Questions About Everything” to one line. At the moment, the last word “Everything” appears on the second line.

    Yours sincerely,

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