My Friend The Methodist

By John on July 31, 2022

My friend was a preacher’s kid and his father was a Methodist minister and I spent a lot of time at their house when I was a teen aged kid.

The minister’s son was gay and I was not but he took a shine to me anyway and we became good friends.

I got invited to eat dinner with the family a lot of the times and I took up going to church with them always sitting next to the son whom I shall call “Roy” for the sake of this post.

The Minister had a specially rigged chair in his study. It was an easy chair upholstered in leather. The minister used the chair primarily for relaxing and for watching fledgling television. Television was relatively new in those days and the screen were very small.

In those days, television programs also had a lot of advertising for various brands of beer and booze on them.

The Methodist Minister was solidly adverse to the use of alcohol and so he had a special button installed into the arm rest of his lounging chair and whenever a television advertisement appeared pushing beer or wine or whatever, he would push the button and mute the sound and scramble the picture on the television set.

When the advertisement was finished playing, the minister could then press the button again and the television set would return to normal.

2 thoughts on “My Friend The Methodist

  1. Considering how long ago that was, having such a fancy button for the TV was really ‘high-tech’, John.
    We could hardly get reception on the two available TV channels until the late 1960s.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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