President’s Picture On The Wall

I was sitting in the lobby of the local Veterans’ Administration medical center, waiting to see my doctor for a routine exam. I looked up to see the picture of the President of The United States because the VA always has a picture of the current president on one of their walls. (Usually in the main lobby where I was sitting.)

There he was, staring down at me — President Joe Biden!
I thought silently to myself, “I don’t remember ever seeing President Trump’s picture up there on that wall … but I know it had to be there somewhere at one time or another during the time he squatted in the Oval Office.”

Maybe I never noticed Trump’s picture at the VA because I really had no desire to see it. I mean, after all, I had seen enough of him flaunting himself all over the TV for four long years, didn’t I? I think that a little bit of Trump goes a long way.

As I looked at President Biden up there on that wall, I felt comfortable that it was him and not Trump. But a chill ran down my spine because I know in my heart that one of these days I will go into the VA again and Trump could very well be up on that wall again.

That is a frightening prospect … to go into the VA and see Trump again in that place of honor reserved for the sitting president.

I have no idea how a fascist government treats their veterans and I do not want to know. I am glad that, for now, we still have at least a form of democracy here in The USA.

But I know that could change in the blink of an eye.

I know it could change in 2024 and the crazies, crazier and more dangerous than ever, could be in control once again.

So even though President Biden might not be perfect — just the same as none of us are perfect — I am going to soak up as much peace of mind that I can while he is still the president because I know that if the right wing takes the Oval Office again in 2024, I am going to live in constant fear of losing everything I have as the crazies cut out all of what they call “The Entitlement” programs and whatever other crazy shit they are liable to do with their rogue Supreme Court whittling away at all our rights as citizens.

3 thoughts on “President’s Picture On The Wall

  1. I think Biden was already too old when he became president, and by 2024 he will definitely be far too old to do it again.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • I agree that he will be too old ..but as long as he is here I am grateful it isn’t Trump or somebody like him.

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