Republican Wants To Ban Child Support

You know what a Republican is, don’t you? A Republican is a politician who claims to love God and Jesus Christ with all their heart, mind and soul but who will go ahead and do everything they can to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Aid To Dependent Children and anything else that will help people who are not rich.

So it comes as no surprise to me to find out that some Republican politican in West Virginia wants to see an end to child support because he reportedly thinks that if the government gives money to parents to help raise a child, it will cause more abortions to take place.

The problem with shit like this, as far as I see it, that an awful lot of Americans depend on the very government programs designed to help them out when things get rough yet, when it comes time to vote, these same people will vote for Republicans and shoot themselves in the foot by doing so … and act like they don’t care.

It’s all crazy if you want my opinion … Read More Here. Crazy shit! What is the matter with some Americans? Why have they gone nuts when it comes to protecting their own interests at the voting booths?

4 thoughts on “Republican Wants To Ban Child Support

  1. They seem to be obsessed with Socialism, without any understanding of what that really means. The irony is that so many of those people profess to be ‘Christians’. If Jesus is watching them, he will be turning in his grave at their lack of charity.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • It is indeed, but it is also money paid to foster homes and orphanages for the care of kids.

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