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I have been reading a magnificent blog entitled “Empress2Inspire” and on that blog, this very morning, I discovered a post detailing several habits to simplify life. I want to share a couple of those here, if I may, and I want to encourage you to visit “Empresss2Inspire” as soon as you can because I find it to be a wonderful experience.

One of the ways suggested to simplify one’s life is to plan meals and menus at least a week ahead. I had my own way of dealing with that and I have to tell you, planning does, indeed, help to simplify things. The way I planned my meals for many years was to tell our in-house chef to use his own discretion according to discussions that we had now and then about what I like and dislike. That was my meal planning plan.

Another suggestion for life simplification was, “Declutter your home.” I had two answers to that one: (1) hire maids or build another room onto the house. Worked for me.

As to clothing, it was suggested that I keep only those items that made me feel good. All my clothing during those days was of exceptional quality and some were custom tailored .. so the items that made me feel good were everything I owned. The result of this level of satisfaction was that once a year, I would ask the butler to sort through everything in our big walk-in closet area and discard anything that I had not worn in the space of a year.

Another suggestion was that I find ways to manage my time more effectively. I solved that detail by engaging the services of professionals who specialized in whichever field of endeavor it was that addressed my current need. In other words, whenever I wanted to do something to make more efficient use of time, I would press a button on my desk and summon the person most capable of doing something about my desire. It worked very well.

One of the ways of simplify life was to find ways to declutter my mind. I had a way to declutter my mind and I enjoyed it and did it a lot … it was the simple act of getting out the scales and weighing stacks of my on-hand cash for an hour or two. That always decluttered my mind very effectively.

Please do yourself a favor and read EMPRESS2INSPIRE. I believe you will agree with me that it is a wonderful and most helpful blog.

3 thoughts on “Helpful Habits

  1. I plan my meals for 7 days, and write a shopping list so that I only buy what is needed for each meal when I make the one trip weekly to the supermarket. I have done that siince the 1980s, and I have zero food waste as a result.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • We have close to zero food waste also because most of what we buy ends up on our waists! LOL

  2. I plan meals a least 2 days ahead…..I have very few clothes for I do not need many…..I am retired my time is mine and I like it that way…..I declutter my mind by taking weekends off from research…..I have never been one for the so-called “high life” so most of those are not needed by me…thanx for sharing. chuq

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